F**king scumbags - should bring gallows back.

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by dunjamon, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. Just got a call from my Nanna about what some bastard had done to my grandfather's plaque in my local cemetery (amongst others)

    Tameside Advertiser

    Think I'll be waiting outside my local court on his trial date. People like this are scum - who'd do something this despicable for a few quid?

    Copied from blogs (original entry) - post comments here.
  2. Hope they catch the b----std 's .

    The price of scrap at the moment is unbelievable especially copper,brass etc but you would think the line would be drawn at rememberance plates .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  3. It seems there is nothing sacred today and this would have to reach new depths . I understand they've got the vermin , if so and he is convicted , parade him through the town with the people well armed with rotten fruit . Then brand the bastard on the face so he is known for what he is . Can't believe this would happen in UK .
  4. A quick check with the scrap metal dealers around Hattersley might be interesting.

    I'm sure if you introduced the culprits to the offended individuals, it wouldn't register. It's a throw away society isn't it and everything has a cost and nothing has a value. I suspect that they would also get a thrill out of being temporarily famous badboys.

    The Birch, anyone?
  5. Nothing new im afraid, i well remember a story my old man told me about as a rookie cop in manchester just after the war he and a mate had to stake out a local crem as some scumbags were stealing the copper urns that the remains used to be placed in at that time
  6. i would chop the little shite's fingers of at the second knuckle
  7. I just can't understand the thinking behind it. Everyone I grew up with had relatives scattered there, even if he goes to a local prison he'll get the beating he deserves.
  8. Agree, hang 'em!

    A few years ago I joined the Ark after refit and the dockies had started nicking the fire-fighters and waterwalls for scrap value. Putting our lives at risk!

    Should chop theives fingers off like the arabs do.
  9. Hanging is far too good for scum like them.

    Birch them and then cut off their fingers with a rusty and blunt stanley knife.
  10. Jeesus wept - is there nothing sacred in this country anymore ? The best advert for the return of the birch I've seen in a long while...But no doubt the Human Rights Brigade will champion their case,
  11. Shoul take his n**ts off and use them as earings!! THE B***ARD.
  12. scum....I hope they get them, and give them a dam good kicking.....
  13. Last month in Dukinfield over the course of one week, over 190 copper pipes, a fully functional boiler plus metal sheeting from school and church roofs were stolen and sold on to scrap metal dealers.

    Only last month thieves stole plaques bearing the names of soldiers who died in the First and Second World Wars from a War Memorial in Yorkshire.

    Maybe it's time that the Police concentrated on the scrap metal dealers as well, as they seem to be more than willing to buy the stuff!!!

    Some people should be stoned to death. Bring back the Tower of London, hanging and family picnics!
  14. Strong words indeed from members.

    Did this guy do it to feed his family and children. Did he not get the benefits he deserved? Why I'll wager he was at his wits end for money and only took what he needed to survive......

    Oh F**k it,...... he stole the stuff, whip his arse till it bleeds then leave him in a room of those affected for 20 minutes!
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There's two thieving scrotes staying a couple of doors down from me at the moment, they're into scrap metal, lead etc.

    Police don't seem to give a fcuk, they're aware of it and do nothing. Easier to do a driver I suppose.
  16. Still think they should drag him through town over broken glass and then stick him in a bath of saltwater if he's guilty. There was something in the paper about the c**t involved back in September. But there's been no mention of the outcome. I heard in the pub back home that he got a kicking inside off one of the guys on remand inside.
  17. There seems to be a common gist to this thread, basically, we the people of the UK want the scum who commit these detesting acts to be punished in a way that will make them think twice before doing it again. For example, the birch, flogging, whipping, stoneing etc... But would it ever happen? Not likely, it would breech their yooman rights. And here's the question. Should scum sucking shits such as these people have yooman rights? :rambo:
    Personally I think not, how about everyone else?
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, so it's wrong from them to harm others, but it's okay for 'us' to dish out our own form of vigilantism? Knee-jerk politics and double standards, I think... :?
  19. Dunjamon PM me.
  20. My uncle had all his flowers takeing of his grave he was a royal marine.

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