F**k Butlins, Skegness

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. I read that wrong, I thought it said "High Speed wife in all cottages" !
  2. Contradiction in terms mate!
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  3. Mines quite quick to complain MGM, speed of light pales into insignificance at times.
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  4. You have me there! If I make a small detraction from the Standard Operating Procedure 'er indoors is on my case at the speed of many antelope! Try going out in the evening and it take fooooorreveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr for her to slap the war paint on!
  5. I love Ontario. Spent two weeks there living in a beechside house on Georgian Bay in the summer with the wife's family. Beautiful place.

    I hate skeggy - in particular Butlins. The outlaws (a lovely bunch, by the way) love the place and are gold members. They very generously paid for us all to spend a week there a few years ago. I feel bad about it but I hated the place. A mate called me while we were there and I was telling him that it was like spending a week on Whale Island only more regimented. As I was talking to him I spotted a plaque commemorating the camps service during the war as HMS Royal Arthur. I think someone forgot to tell the caterers.
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  6. Ah...Ingoldmells......
    spent a week there as a kid in the late 50's.......in a caravan....I can still taste calor gas.
  7. DSC_0005.JPG 86 degrees live from Turkey.
    The ice in my rum and coke melts too fast.

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  8. Dodgy knee scar is a good opening gambit for any Peaches 'Walking on the beaches',

    Hope you remembered to put a new password on your laptop before you left Bill ,
    WPL maybe having a read of site.
  9. They can say or do what they like he can't catch them.
  10. Time to turn over Billy. You're done on that side.
  11. Bloody hell Billy - did you get those knees done in Haslar? Looks like a Haslar slash job!
  12. Aye. Surgeon pissed. :cool:
  13. Vodka battle with the Russkies.
    They lost.
  14. Hope you're not creating an international incident Billy! :) Looks like you are enjoying the break!
  15. Nipissing sounds like something you do after quite a few beers, and when you can't work out how to unzip your fly, and you really can't wait......
  16. DSC_0043.JPG
    Been up in the Taurus Mountains today. Still redders but nice to dive into fresh water 180 ft deep.

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  17. Looks like Katherine Gorge, but without the reptiles with gnashy teeth:) Nice
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  18. Sunset...... or there's a big fire over in the other hotel.
  19. DSC_0029.JPG

    Flying the flag.

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