f***ing mondays!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Benny687, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. today looked like it was starting well.
    the room I have been decorating is finally finished, with the addition of my shiny new wall mounted DVD holders from ikea (c**ts!)

    I spent some relaing time organising my DVDs in to categories to pass the time this morning:
    1) porn
    2) action
    3) stuff Ive borrowed, forgotten to give back, and then forgotten who I borrowed it from in the first place.

    however it all started to go downhill when i left to take my other half to Uni...

    starts driving and the road feels much bumpier than usual and theres a dodgy sound coming from the front, inspection reveals a very flat front tyre. oh good, methinks, she'l love this.
    spend the next twenty minutes putting spare on to the tune of "Im going to be sooo late now, you couldnt have spotted it last night could you, i told you to get up earlier!" etc etc
    finally gets her there (she travelled in the back) goes straight to tyre man near my home. been here before several times with no problems...
    Im handing over 40 quid for me new tyre, when he says "oohh hold on..." and goes to inspect other tyres. "to be honest mate, these others are illegal....cant really let you drive away with these on"
    well, says I "you put one of them on for me 2 weeks ago, was it illegal then?"
    he goes on to say he meant the other 2 and repeats he cant really let me go with them.
    so I had to waste the next 20 minutes explaining the reasons why he could let me go with them, the last of which involved me expressing my desire to shove the pnuematic tyre inflating thingy down then end of his cock and see hopw long it takes for his bollocks to pop. (queue giggles from his 15 year old school dodging spanner monkey)

    to top it off, I get home to fin the dog has left me a delicate little present on the new carpet. how thoughtful.
    he is spending the day in the garage to consider what hes done.

    anyone else had any worse mondays they would care to share to make me feel better?

    hope you all have a wonderful day!

  2. I don't condone domestic violence...... but I understand it!
  3. Fell out of bed at 8 am took two old slow spaniels for walk at about 1mph Its sunny and high 60's ground is dry no rain for 3 weeks. Get back home feed dogs get tea and toast sit in front of PC read e-mails see which member of RR has had a shitty day.


    Go to Spanish Lesson's teacher is small petite Columbian neighbour should have taken her an apple. One hour €5

    Sit on front patio lunch couple of glasses of local red, ham, cheese and bread chat to neibours who join us for a glass of red.

    Clear rear yard of table, sunshade and two chairs ready to paint rear wall manyana.

    Read book and check internet again.

    Wander off to local Chinese with friends, two bottles of red, do the card get bill €17 per person thats £11 in Brit money. Three courses, wine and coffee and brandy.

    Go home sit on patio 11 pm temp 62F for coffee and more Brandy €8 thats £5.50 a litre. Midnight and bed.

    The day was right bastard as I had to go to lessons, tommorrow will be better no lessons.

  4. Oh the joy of retirement. You earned it, enjoy it.
    Why anyone would want to live any differently is beyond me. Can't wait till I retire.
  5. My Japanese fighter fish, Bob, was found floating upside down one Monday morning!

    Hard decision, flush him or bin him :lol:
  6. Its a Japanese fish, you should have made sushi out of him :smile:
  7. Just waking up on a monday is bad enough.On to tyres, i understand your miffedness.I needed a new off side front tyre,so toddle off and order it.Its an odd size and are a bit hard to get hold of.Duky arrive to tyre place and after 3 mins am told i need to buy 3 more new tyres!What! i say,they arent even 4 months old!Apparently Yokohama in their infinate "wisdom" redesigned the tread and its not possible to mix them!I tried with no luck to get one of the old tread designs,so if theres anyone out there that wants some nearly new yokohamas for a Smart Brabus 42,drop me a line!
  8. ...And brandy...

    Those Murcia brandy portions are about 1.5 cups per person per serving!

    I remember ordering TWO coffees, six small freshly made cakes, and two of these huge brandies on my visit to Murcia and the bill came to 2.45 Euros... just over £1 !!! :eek: :smile:

    I suggest we have a RR community constructed in Spain... or the Canaries... and all move there. :smile: :smile: :smile:

  9. Ditto "Ling" , love my job to bits , but look forward to retirement ,
  10. Don't know about Mondays....hate any day that ends in "Y"!!!! :roll:

    ('cept Sat and Sun of course!!) :grin: :grin:

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