Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by drunken_engineer, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Just seen this linked from the BBC site.

    Got me thinking, what's the most annoying thing about modern life to you? :threaten:

    Mine is having to give my name and address when I buy electrical goods. Why FFS? :scratch: :pissedoff: Can anyone who works in Currys or Comet tell me?
  2. I've never worked there but if you buy anything TV related, they take your info so the TV licenceing people can track you down and kill you like a dog.
  3. Aah. Thanks. What about a fridge? Anyone??
  4. It's so the Fridge Licenceing Agency, established under the Labour government, can hunt you down and kill you like a dog.
  5. So it's death like a dog then?
  6. So that you can be added to their marketing database. A friend of mine who works on marketing software says that personal details like an address and phone number are marketing golddust.

    I suspect it's also so that they can send you new fridge offers around the time they reckon the latest one is going to pack up.
  7. Thanks.
    Meanwhile, back on thread.....

    Annoying aspects of modern life?

    And join F.A.R.T
  8. Those phone menu things ..... if ... then .. press 1 or press 2 or press 3 etc


    the seventh circle of hell

    I just want to speak to someone

    then when someone picks up they don't know the answer to my question

    drives me mad
  9. Now that is cheek clenchingly irritating .It took me 35 minuets and cost me about six quid just for someone to say YES !!!
  10. Mobile phones........people coped quite well without them, I do not want to be party to other folks chat, worse still their muzak, and the gawd awfull ringtones, usually at too high a volume.
    Police,emergency services etc yes, Joe Public, NO. :threaten:
  11. When a group of a dozen girls get to the bar, finaly get served, then spend ages deciding what they might like to drink. THEN, they have to pay for each drink in turn AND with the exact change. OR even worse, get out their credit card to pay for one Barcardi and coke. Meanwhile, old fella has to stand and wait for his one and only pint of mild.
  12. I know what you mean i just have a ordinary ring (on low and vibrate)and go away from people if i am in a crowd
  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The selfish and thoughtless society that 99% of the population have become.
  14. I'm with you there 100 % more than not if iv'e nowt on i leave my phone at home in anycase !!!
  15. Glad to see you're back Les! :thumright:
  16. I do get these rushes to the head from time to time .I have been offline fo nearly two weeks .I had to get a new puter the other one went on strike ive had to get this one up to scratch :elephant: :w00t:
  17. Lesbryan

    I love the image of you doing 35 minuets while you were waiting. At least dancing the time away must have made it a little more bearable!
  18. Someones got to make summat
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