Eysight (Amblyopia)


HI Marines and any other people serving in the Military.

Please help me out with this question/queary, I have an eye condition called Amblyopia also known as lazy eye, but don't think I am one of those guys who's eye is drifting off in differant directions during a conversation, to look at i'm quite normal. :)

So I have been going to see my specialist about my eyes and I wear hard contact lenses, I have been working on my fitness to get in the Marines for over a year and now I think they are going to rule me out because I don't have 20/20 vision.

Apparently you have to have vison of 6/60 uncorrected (without glasses/contacs) so I passed that part ok.

But corrected vision must be 20/20 or also known as 6/6. My eye sight in right eye is not 6/6 and it quite far off but i'm no where near blind.

So guys does this mean I have no chance of getting in? Are they just going to tell me "sorry you can't see those tiny letters on the board your not allowed in?"

6/6 eyesight is like being able to see 3 rows from the bottom of an eye chart!

Please please someone help or advise me, i'm absloutley gutted aboutt his and can't belive it's happening, i've had my heart set on this for a long long time, please don't tell me to memorise the chart as i'm going to get caught out somewhere along the line if I do this!

Thnaks for any help



Would it be correct to say that if you're really tired/stressed you start to go effectively blind in one eye?


Ummmm, no I don't think I would go blind, I have never been out in the filed marine style without sleep and all that, but I have had lack of sleep many many times at parties til the early morning and travelling around the world (alone) and never seemed to notice any differance in my eyes.

I have just read on the net about people memorising the eye chart but I would prefer to get in "honestly" rather than cheating my way in.

I'm so gutted it's unreal, some people say join the army, or the police but I know most people in here shouild understand why I wanna be a marine.

I wanna be the best of the best. :(

So gutted.


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There are plenty of bootnecks nicknamed "Marbles" out there!!

I think you'll have to talk with your GP/Optician and form a good case for this condition not affecting your performance.

it'll probably get reviewed by a Military MO, the staff in the careers office will probably have blank faces when you mention it

Stick with it and don't be palmed off or dis-heartened

May the force be with you.



Well thanks gimp.

I don't go to an ordinary optician, I go to a woman who specialises in contact lenses as normal glasses don't do very much for people with my condition.

She just said, "the marines won't take you",and she also said that's just going from what the rules are, so as far as the rules are you have to have an eye sight of 6/6 in your right eye (rifle eye) and that is normal 20/20 vision. I am about 4 times OFF that but with glasses maybe about 3 times off it.

I don't really know who to speak to about it. Theres one number i have which I have called a few times now and he speicalizes in military eyesight and he said if yuo arn't up to scratch then I won't get in. Rules are rules.

And whenI think about it for e.g if theres 5 Marine wannabes trying to get in they will choose the guyw ti hte better sight.