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BritishSte said:
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It didnt stop Nelson getting on :lol:

Well Hardy liked him a lot :p :oops:

What exactly is your problem with me?

Bearing in mind that they didn't mention you, I would think that your paranoia/self obsession may be a problem.

Seeing how it followed on from:

"Well from all your other postings it would seem that you are a bit of a One Eye"

It's a fair assumption.

Not too arsed to be honest, just seems odd.

From your location Ste I would have thought you would have a rhino hide. Whatever you get give it back..

I had a mate who joined the TA he had a goggly eye and the other was always weeping. Last I heard he was in the air defence unit for the artillery firing blowpipes 8O not to be confused with blowthroughs :p . That was long ago the standards are for the TA have improved these days. I hope :roll:
Not forgeting Blind Pugh as well.

We also had a lad onboard called Isiah,thats because he had one eye higher than the other.Boom,boom :lol: