Hello There.
Iam currently looking to join the royal marines. I wear contacts.
After waging through page and page of internet dross I came across this site. As helpful as it is, Iam still unable to answer my one burning question.
Does anybody actually know of anyone who wears contacts or glasses as a royal marines commando? I have spoken to my AFCO and they were useless



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Yes, you may wear contact lenses as a Royal Marine, BUT:

Contact Lenses: As you know you should not wear them when swimming (chlorinated water under the lenses- Not good), wearing a respirator (gas mask) during chemical warfare training- CS gas under the lenses- Not good, on the assault course (muddy water under the lense-Not good) & as directed by the training staff during recruit training. When you are living "in the field" you will not have the time or sanitation to piddle about with contacts & it's not a good idea to put muddy fingers in your eyes. Similarly contact lenses aren't a good idea when you are on any Sea Survival courses, particularly the fire-fighting aspects.

You are advised to bring a spare pair of "durable" glasses for use when contacts are not to be worn. (You get prescription lenses to use in your respirator)
Thanks mate, I do have glasses also but I wouldnt consider them 'durable'.
Might have to invest in a set of jack duckworths before the PRMC.

Ninja_Stoker said:
Yep, don't forget to put the fabric sticky-plaster on the bridge bit for effect. It's mandatory apparently. :thumright:
Oh god i had a pair or NHS speshul glasses when i was a kid. Wore them at school once i think because of the unwanted attention they got. I think that was around about the time i learnt to fight well or run fast!!

:thumright: :thumright:


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wear lenses. only drama I every had was after a mud run. All else no dramas, that includes cold stuff, hot and dry stuff and hot and sweaty stuff

use either disposables, then you can chuck em if they give you grief, or you can get 30 day lenses you keep in for (wait for it) 30 days

have a decent set of battle bins ready for worst case scenario

As for NBCD I felt less effect with lenses in (I have done both with and without), and I've swam daily in contact lenses in the salt and chlorine for over 25 years and never ever had a problem

Talk to your optician, they will help you experiment with lenses to see which suit you best

May the force be with you


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I know plenty of people who wear glasses, contact lenses etc in the corps! I'm quite surprised your AFCO wasnt able to answer your question. you might find that when (if) you go down to lympestone your training team might require you to wear pursers/ 'joe 90' style glasses in the field.
(and if im on your training team thats definately gonna happen!)


theGimpMK2 said:
use either disposables, then you can chuck em if they give you grief, or you can get 30 day lenses you keep in for (wait for it) 30 days
And you can wash/swim etc. in these? I was told that even mineral water out of the bottle can be dangerous for your eyes using contact lenses. But then again, if your getting bottle water in your eyes your hand and eye co-ordination must suck.
Im a bit worried on this one too. I dont wear lenses or glasses but i am terrible sighted in my right eye my left eye is perfect. Would this be saw as a huge problem becuase i still have good eyesight its just alot more in one eye than the other.

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