Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Guest, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. What kind of eyesight do you need for rn? as I've been borwsing and soem people have been turned down due to eyesight. Now I want to join the RN but I don't have very good eyesight (its not really bad either) Thanks for any help
  2. Go to the optitions if you are really concerned and ask them for a test to see what grade you are for armed forces tell them thats its the navy they will charge you not sure how much i paid 22.00 its the best way.

  3. Thxs I'll do it next time i'm down town what grade would you need?
  4. Do you wear glasses ?, when i done mine my left eye is weaker than the right, which i was told was normal, i passed . cant remember what the result was, but told i was fine.
  5. Yes I do and I believe one of my eyes is weaker so your alowed to wear glasses thats ok
  6. yes, you are , but you must take them with you when you get your eye sight tested, think from what i can remember you must not wear them for 48 hrs, , but dont quote me on that, also please check your spelling, it will help if you can spell correctly in the RN !!!!!
  7. It will also help if you can punctuate properly. "but dont quote me"

    Don't forget your apostrophe. And capitalise a single I. :lol:
  9. Sorry I was in a hurry, Spelling and grammer is not my strong point.

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