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Told my new optician eyesight requirments for RM and he said I fit in on S3 i'm 2 letters over what is needed, so lets hope the RM medic thinks the same.

Cheers fellas.

I went for an eyetest today and my eyes are -0.25 in each eye...i want to be a pilot is this a problem???I am very very upset as this is my lifelong dream.
sniffly blind boy said:
I went for an eyetest today and my eyes are -0.25 in each eye...i want to be a pilot is this a problem???I am very very upset as this is my lifelong dream.

This document lists eyesight requirements for different trades in the RN:

Perhaps if you print it off and show it to your optician they'll be able to tell you if you're OK.

Remember you also need normal colour vision as well.
hi all
i really want to join the marines and id like to know what sort of colour perception tests you have to take and what you have to score on them.

i only recently was told by my GP that im slightly colour blind. this came as a huge shock as it doesnt register at all except in the tests so i was wondering if that would be a problem?
id be grateful for any help or suggestions
Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

Anyway, this thread caught my eye (no pun intended!) because I am seriously considering joining the navy (probably something in comms) and I am worried that my terrible vision will mean I won't qualify.

I have -6 / -6 vision. Does anyone know if this will get me instantly disqualified? I'm thinking about having the laser eye surgery but some of you here have said that it won't make any difference.

My brother is in 29 commando (well he's REME, but commando trained or something) and he seems to think that it won't be a problem.

I'm not so sure.... can anyone advise?
Okay i'd like to try and shine light on this as it has affected me mentally and emotionally upon my desired career path. Lets start in the order of the process and the flaws and lee-ways that can be used to advantage.

On the initial interview when given the sheet to take to the Opticians, no information was requested on my eye sight history, i was also told that the mod only do this to fall with in health and safety at work standards or something. this means for example if i was joining as a pilot, i cannot have one blind eye, similar to if i was applying for a civvie company as a salesmen i would not be allowed without the the appropriate qualifications and physical attributes etc as i could casue damage to the reputation or company in general, however if i was a cleaner for a whiel and watched a few thigns proved my self exertionally, i could probablie sbe trusted with a sale or atleast helping provide infomation about products if the company saw fit.

i believe somethign along those lines would be quite simialr the in the marines, since u did pass the eye test for the role u applied for ;)

second when having my eye test no records were held of my past eye tests and the chart was there in front of me upon enterign the room, while the optician filled in the forms i could have easily remembered the letters on each line using my good eye then repeated them back, :), the letter do not change through out the tests. Do not mention about your eyesight! the AFCO advised me to ask the MO about laser surgery but i was then told that that exam would be used everytime i try to apply for a role etc, but then i asked again and they said if you get it doen and noone any the wiser then why not.

A VA standard of one is required for roles in the RM as pilots, air observers, snipers, SBS etc by entry. VA 2 for other combatant roles amongst the RM such as infantry heavy weapons etc. VA 3 gets you into things liek logistics signals etc i believe. it is probablies better to wait before joining, apply for the reserves which you can serve in with VA3 in any role and have laser surgery then, after 12 months apply fulltime then voila ya should be in. i also read that the rules are always changing and soon light will be shed on the new lasek-e methods of eye surgery which are purely computer and lasers instead of computers and scalpels or surgeons and lasers. this is far mor epromising and could see the support for such treatments
Mate are you seriously suggesting people lie about their eyesight and cheat on the tests? The tests are there for a reason.

Maybe i mis read your post?
if you read you will find i didnt cheat, merely pointed out the fact that if they were there to keep everyone apart from hawk eyes out of those certain specialisations, they would surely have a better system for identifying VA. I personally am joinign the royal naval reserve atm until i am old enough to have laser eye surgery and then wait the 12 months (all of which i will be in the RNR still) then apply for the marines.

sorry i am not very good at typing meaningfully or informativly,
also if i get into the marines i would like to know that the man next to me is able to see and shoot a hostile that could be threatening me.
Oh okay, sorry upon first read it sounded like you were giving people advice on how to dupe the tests!! I agree though, my eye sight tests at my AIB medical weren't really done too well, there were two of us in the room and so the second person could easily have cheated on parts.

However for aircrew we had to go for second eye examination with a qualified optician, does the same not happen for RM?
my primary exam was with a local civvie optician that the RN sent me too, which is new policy i believe. many psot i have read though have suggested that after passing th eprimary test even at va3 they have had eye surgery (following th eguidlelines) lasek etc, and upon their eye test for specialisation passed at a higher grade with no questions. my application form didnt say Have u ever had laser eye surgery, merely have you had it in th elast 12 months, SBS here i come lol :)
does anyone think a petition to number 10 would be a nice little idea to review their eyesight standards :) lol i bet we could get loads. but i could see that say 5000 or so people who woul dextra recruited after it was changed would cost the government even more for equipment etc ?/?

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