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I know the condition I have is called "lazy eye".

I did have it treated when I was younger, I used to have glasses at an early age and also had to wear a patch on my stronger eye to try and make the weaker (lazy eye) stronger. But then when I started high school I stopped wearing my glasses for stupid reasons and regret it now. But my eye sight isn't the worst, nor the best.

I went for an eye test the other day, my eye sight is 6/9 -4, to get in the Marines it should be 6/6 which is the line below the line that I can read up to. :(

I'm still going to go to the local Marines recruitment and explain my situation to them, surely they can't refuse me becasue I can't read 1 extra line? Can they????!!!!! :( Scary times!

Fingers crossed.

The regulations are there for obvious reasons, sight is one of those things that is just a non-negotiable when it comes to entrance levels. The rules were relaxed a while ago and now you will see many more marines wearing glasses/contacts. I had one guy in my recuit troop wearing contacts who constantly got eye infections and eventually got backtrooped because he could not complete the exercise we were on. He did pass out in the end though.
Eye sight that has been corrected/improved through laser surgery was still a bar to entry when i worked in recruitment in 2001/2. However there was never a test to see if you had had the surgery. SO ask no questions tell no lies was the situation.

It strikes me though buddy that you are going to be sh*t out of luck if you can not get your vision corrected. Fear not though, look through all the literature and find a specialisation in the mlitary that will let you in. There are plenty and all good fun. If sounds like you are still young and will therefore view this as patronising, but please take the well meaning advice not to get fixated on the RM. It ain't the be all and end all we sometimes make it out to be.

So if the recritment geezer says no, consider joining the artillery as far as i can work out they don't seem to need to see anything in order to miss the target.
Yeah thanks for the advice/encouragment.

I don't take it as patronising. I know rules are rules, just wondered if there was any one else in a similar or that has been through similar situation.

I have now looked more into the S1 S2 S3 standards for eyesight and I have read the whole thing on this website,

I got my prescription the other day and I compared it to the rules for RM and it seems that I would be able to get in on the S3 standards, I know what your saying about the contact lenses though, I don't know how someone could go through the training with them in, I have just orderd some new glasses and my optician thinks they will be jsut as good as contacts so i'll wait and see.

Like I said i've had my mind on RM for a looong time so I might as well still give it a go and see what happens, if they just say no then i'll except it and look for an alternative. I'm going to wrexham recruitment soon so i'll find out then I suppose.

Cheers though.
Well as I can't get treated with laser surgery it doesn't mattermuch to me, but if you have the eye sight requirments 2006 that would be good, i'm going to the careers office next week then it will be time to know if i can get in or not, nervous......
VA right eye 6/18, VA left eye 6/12 , both eyes 6/9.

Thats corrected with contact lenses, got another test soon with new glasses, could be better could be worse, find out soon.!!

Hi all,new to the forum,all being well should be starting my 30 weeks in september,applied,done and passed the pyhcometric test,interview next thursday,leave school in 1 month time so PRMC should be june for me.

I was reading this thread with interest as when i took the naval pyhcometric test on thursday,they gave a me an eyetest appoitment sheet,and i was worried about my career being over before it started as i'm only 16.I have always been slightly short sighted but not too bad,never worn my glasses,binned them ages ago.I put down that i had never had any glasses on the application form and thought nothing of it

Been down to have my eye's tested this morning and it turns out they have made me pay £70 for glasses,i am only slightley short sighted (things far away) and never had any trouble and it turns out that i am a S2
and that is fine,you can wear glasses for any speacialiseation apart from SBS,swimmer canoeist,and sniper,but that leaves me still with what i want to do,be a mountain leader.

Basically if you are no worse than grade S3 then you can do anything apart from SBS,swimmer canoeist or sniper in the royal marines

IF you need glasses or contacts you have to take them with you and have them in your locker while you are at lympstone or in training anywhere,or when your at your units

So you can be a general duties bootneck even if you are S3,just need to ahve glasses on hand if you need them,i wont ever wear mine!!

Those were the standards for Uncorrected eyes. You need to meet a standard for both corrected and uncorrected vesion.
J_Ham6 said:

Those were the standards for Uncorrected eyes. You need to meet a standard for both corrected and uncorrected vesion.
I know you have to pass the corrected and uncorrected eye tests.

Uncorrected not what i'm worrying about.

Well I can definetly see better than 6/60 uncorrected, which is the very top line on the eye chart.

I can get about 5-6 lines down so that shouldn't be my problem.

It's the corrected vision that i'm worried about, my eyesight isn't good as far as reading letters off a chart goes, i'm legal to drive a car so i'm just going to have to wait and see.

My right eye is the worst and glasses/contacts don't do that much, but it does help little bit so we'll soon find out and I can stop posting dumb ass questions.

Just that I really want this as you can tell from my posts, fingers crossed ehe lads.


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