Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by booty_cadet, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Is there any particular specifications for eyesight to join the marines? I'm a cadet and I have eyesight of -2.5 and the staff at my unit said they don't honestly know, can anyone on here help me?
  2. The eysight is divided into 4 sections either you are: S1, S2, S3 or OL (Outside Limit).

    I am -2.25 in both eyes and am just inside the S2 section. You will probably be borderline S2-S3 section so you are well within limits. I think you need to be -6.00 or something crazy before you are not eligible.

    There are also other tests but I am not an optician so dont really know much about these.

    Get an eyesight form from your AFCO and get your optician to fill it in.

  3. royal must be S1 or S2
  4. I don't know much about this kind of thing but would Laser corrective surgery help him?
  5. Laser therapy is dodgy ground,

    There is plenty of info on a thread on arrse.

    I joined up blind as a bat!! wore my contact lenses through the medical blagged it and had no problems through out my career other than one mud run which ended up being a bit painful!!

  6. You sure about that?

    I was told you could be either S1, S2 or S3 for the Royal Marines by the Warrant Officer at my local AFCO in Exeter.

  8. I have read alot about differant eye surgery and i'm pretty sure 90% anyways that you CAN get in the marines after surgery but you have to leave it 12 months before doing so.

    I know exactly how you feel, I too have posted about Amblyopia in my right eye and it looks like I won't get in.

    Why don't they make left handed rifles? If they did, I would get in. :(

    This has fukced up 2 years planning for me!!!

    Not much I can do about it except complaining on here.
  9. I'm sure you have to be S1 or S2 for Royal, I was S3 and was told I didn't qualify. I had laser eye surgery in May of last year and i'm waiting until May this year to get a navy eye check down in Gosport before I can even begin the application process properly.

    As far as laser surgery goes, this is how it works:

    - The types of surgery which are acceptable are PRK LASEC and LASIK
    - AK, RK and any others are NOT ACCEPTED!
    - There is currently a dispute about whether to remove LASIK from the accepted list, so i'd stear clear of it.
    - HOWEVER, in order to qualify for surgery your eyes must have been stable for 2 years also, the Navy have pre-surgery limits which you must be within before the surgery, they will ask for proof, you cannot blag it.
    - After surgery, you must wait 12 months before starting the application process, going for a check up with a Navy Optician at the end of this period to get the all clear.
    - NOTE you cannot go pilot, observer or Special Forces at any point in your career if you enter service having had laser surgery.

    If anyone has any more questions feel free to ask or pm me
  10. Oh well, maybe it has changed as I was told a couple of days ago at the medical you could be anything from S1 to S3 for Royal Marines. Luckily I am S2 so should be fine.

    Good luck with your application.

  11. I went for an eye test at the normal optician the other day and told her the eyesight requirements to go Royal Marines.

    I'm 2-3 lines off even with glasses/contact lenses so as far as the Marine rules go i'm not allowed in.

    What would anybody here suggest I do? This has been my plan for the past 2 years, I have dreamed of being in the Military and have been working on getting ready for my PRMC for months now and it has all been shattered.

    Is there nothing I can do in the Marines? Not even a chef? That's what I do now career wise. I can't believe this is happening, I have always had weak eyes but I am no way blind and can see plenty far enough to shoot.

    Help!!! Pllease! :( Suggestions?
  12. What's your prescription?

    It will be a minus number; for example mine is -2.00.

    Were you given a form by your AFCO or did you get the requirements somewhere else?

  13. I refer my learned friend to my earlier submission - if in doubt ask the AFCO to show your prescription to the FEMO. If he is unsure, he can contact the Director of Health in Victory Building for the definite answer.
  14. your AFCO will know nothing that is not in the brochures!! There are some useful ones, but most of them are useless, especially for things concerning Royal as its normally a matelot in the office. Either get in touch with the relevant department in Victory Building as said above, or if you intend to go the officer route, contact:
    Central Air and Admiralty Medical Board (CAAMB)
    HMS Sultan

    You can reach them through the MOD switchboard, you'll be put through to a leading writer who knows nothing, so ask for the Surgeon Lt. they'll be able to inform you of the up to date policy!
  15. I had the job of referring medical questions to a Capt (Doc) now a Rear Adimiral (Doc)(no names, no pack drill but a jock with an Italian name) from AFCO's for a couple of years - its the FEMO's job (who regularly gets updates from the DOH) to make the initial decision....... Matelot or Bootie in the AFCO has NO say in the matter!
  16. Thanks for the replies guys,

    I have spoken to a man from

    Central Air and Admiralty Medical Board (CAAMB)
    HMS Sultan
    a couple of times,he was very helpful and tried to explain everything to me , I asked him about the eye sight and he just said to me if you can't read the chart 3 lines from the bottom then I won't pass the medical. And I can't read that far down. He asked me to send my prescription off to him but the lady in the optician said as far as her rule book said about the marines I won't get in. You have to have 6/6 vision in the right eye that means 20/20 which is normal vision while corrected (with glasses on). My eyesight is about 6/24 uncorrectd. But even with glasses I can't read many letters. Damn!!

    I understand that eyesight is very very important to a soldier/commando or anyone in the military, and i'm not in denial, I know my eyesight isn't perfect but also i'm not stupid and if I thought my eyesight wasn't good enough to be a marine then I would accept it and move on.

    But not being able to read some lines of an eye chart I can't accept, why don't they show me a picture or a cut out of an Afghans body ffom 200 yards I bet £100 quid i'd be able to see that.

    This is a life changing thing for me, if I don't get in the Marines I will be stuck in the rat race and lead a very boring life so it seems, i'm not giving up but it seems that they are strict aboutt his rule and won't accept people without the correct vision.

    Don't think it's going to turn out in my favour, sorry for the loooong post guys. Thankss for reading!
  17. Understand that mate, was just relaying my experience that normally when it comes to standards which are constantly changing, ie. Eyesight/laser surgery etc. they aren't much use at all, and with royal marine questions, the matelots in the office dont have a lot of info in my opinion.
  18. So what should I do then? I don't really know how it all works regarding medical issues/eyesight.

    I have a friends in the Marines and he says his eyesight isn't brilliant either.

    Also I have spoke to a lad in the paras who said he is blind as a bat without his contact lenses, I didn't even know you were alowwed to wear contacts in any military.

    I just don't know if there are any exceptions,theres alot of people who want to join the marines and probably have better eyesight than me so it is obvious they would choose someone with better vision over me?!!

    Would the same eyesight requirments still go for drivers,chefs or something else which isn't like solidering?

    Any help please anybody?! Please!

  19. Wouldn't drivers, chefs, bandsmen be required to fight if called on ? Can't recall Booties haveing Chefs when deployed anyway.
  20. driver, chef, stores clerk whatever, you're a marine first and foremost and will be judged by the same standards, not sure if there are exceptions but before branching out into these specialisations you must complete 2 years as a general duties marine anyway. Your best thing to do is guys is go in to the careers office as normal, they'll give you whats called an "expression of interest" form to fill in with all your details on it, on the back is an eyesight sheet which you take to your opticians they fill it in, mark it s1 s2 or s3, then you send it off and wait for a reply, you'll either get a letter saying please come for an initial interview at your careers office on a certain date or it will say "due to your eyesight standards we regret that you do not meet the minimum requirements of the Royal Marines". If this happens your only option is to get laser surgery, if this is the case for you and you need more information feel free to PM me but go through the procedure first before you assume the worst!

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