Eyesight Test before Interview


I apparently scored very well on my recruit test.

I wasn't told the score, but the careers guy said it was very high.

I've been told to get an eye test before my interview, and to fill out a medical questionnaire.

Is this a good sign?

That the Navy would spend the money for the eye test already and they're keen to get me in?

Or is this the case for everyone?


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I got my eye test between the RT and interview. With the eye test forms they also give you a medical questionnaire :)

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Generally, for ratings, after passing the recruit test, you're given the medical questionnaires and optician report forms to complete and return. Some AFCOs crack-on and book the selection interview to run concurrently, some wait until the medical triage stage is cracked.

If someone has an iffy medical issue, some AFCOs will want the full medical cracked before booking the selection interview.

In short, sounds normal or maybe your eyes look a bit weird :D

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