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My son has drempt of joining the Navy for many years. He started the procedure a while ago and has gone through the aptitude test, and had an eye test, contracted out to a High Street optician. Subsequently he was called in to a medical examination yesterday, contracted out to Capita. The Dr assigned him a temporary fail due to his eyesight, his corrected vision was fine but his uncorrected vision didn't meet the standard. The Dr decided on this route as she wasn't sure that the opticians report was correct. Obviously my son was distraught, hence why I am now involved, and I think there is a possibility that the eyesight rules may have changed and I'm hoping that Capita weren't/aren't aware. The first link appears to say that corrected vision to a standard is fine and its dated after the second link. The second link mentions both corrected and uncorrected vision, so theres a bit of dichotomy.

Could someone who understands this issue fully please advise, even if its negative.

Many thanks.


https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/-/media/royal-navy-responsive/documents/reference-library/brd1750a/BRd1750A - Book/ch06.pdf


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Warfare Officer is Visual Acuity standard one & the standard must be met uncorrected & corrected as per the International Defence Training pdf (for overseas Naval Officers but the same for RN). Warfare & Pilot have the most stringent eyesight standards, for obvious reasons.

For other branches of the RN with lesser eyesight standards, the eyesight must be +/- 6.00 dipoters or less, sphere or cylinder.

Opticians can make mistakes, so if the doc recommends a retake, it's worth a shot.

Good luck to him.

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