Eyesight requirements - mine warefare specialist


Hi I am wondering what the eyesight requirements are for a Mine Warefare Specialist as I do wear glasses but am afraid I’m not going to get in because of that reason since my eyesight is decent but not the best.


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I've applied for this role, and Capita sent me an email saying my doctor as advised them that I don't meet the visual standards for the role(yet I'm just 0.1 something away from having perfect eyes) opticians explained this to me.
I called capita and within 6 hours I got an email saying it was a mistake basically and I am fit to proceed "but I need to have a pair of glasses before my start date" but they've said I don't need to wear them, just have to have them.
Pathetic right ? Yeah.
But there must be an explanation to this, Maybe it's just a worse comes to worse scenario that they want me to have them, for all I know they could say this to everyone.
So basically I think aslong as you have crisp vision with glasses they should let you in ?
Not sure.
Once you send your opticians forms they should be able to let you know.
Hope this somewhat helps or guides.

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