Eyesight Requirements for Warfare Officer


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Can anyone help me? I am looking to apply as a Warfare Officer but my eyesight is -3.25. Is this standard acceptable and if not, is there any corrective solutions available ie Continuous Wear Month Contact Lenses
You should make a good Warfare officer,

You know that some information is required

You get someone else to get it for you as you are always too busy

Therefore if it all goes wrong it is not your fault but theirs for providing the wrong information

Even though the information is correct it will never be you fault :lol: :lol:


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Just had my pre-joining medical. I am applying for Warfare Officer and have an eyesight of VA2. The doctor that examined me had a table of Officer eyesight levels. There were four subcatigories to Warfare Officer, two needed VA2 and two needed VA1. Does anyone know what sub-specialisations need VA2 and what need VA1. They were abbreviations so I guessed that one VA1 sub-specialisation was Pilot as it was a P. Does anyone know the other 3 and the corresponding eyesight levels.
Tomahawk, have you had your medical results back yet? I spoke to the Navy careers office today and they said VA2 is the requirement for Warfare Officer. I am also in the process of applying but my eyesight is also -3.25 which I am worried about...


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I haven't got formal approval to be Warfare Officer. But I had my medical last Thursday and my eyesight was VA2 which is good enough for Warfare (not pilot or observer though) and my eyesight is still -3.25 (well my contact lenses are at least). Hope this helps :)

Thank you for that. I think it is as well :)

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