Eyesight question - apologies

I've done a search on this and don't seem to have found an up to date official answer.

I'm 23, applying for officer, and although I'm probably going down the ATC route as I'm an ex civvy en-route ATCO, I'm obviously going to go to Cranwell to do the FATS that tests for aircrew too.

Anyway, I had my eyes tested today at D&H as requested by the AFCO as part of my pre-medical before my PJFT (I've heard this is all a recent new addition to the process to have a medical so early on) and my eyesight has come back as:

Distance unaided: Right 6/6 Left 6/6
Distance aided: Right 6/5 Left 6/5
Near Unaided: Right N5 Left N5
Near Aided: Right N5 Left N5
Sphere: Right +0.25 Left -0.25
Cylinder: Right +0.75 Left +0.75
Axis: Right 33 Left 157

I was wondering if anyone here has any official idea on what the eyesight limit is for aircrew these days? The reason I ask is because I've sat the FATS twice before and passed both times for every branch for the RAF, but didn't end up joining because of an **** system I got caught up in years ago. I won't bore you with the details. (My AFCO is checking just now whether I will actually have to do the FATS again, although I think I will have to go again with a clean slate......anyone heard of anyone going down for a 3rd time, but 1st time for the RN?)

So yes, can someone please tell me if my eyes would be acceptable for pilot or observer? Personally, I don't think they are, but then you hear lots fo rumours and I was hoping for a clearer answer (I don't need glasses). Obviously I will ask my AFCO in a few weeks when he's back, but before then I'd like to know if I actually have eyesight chance for aircrew, even if I do have an ATC background currently....



As far as I can see you are fit for either aircrew or ATC, with the caveat that I haven't seen your Colour Perception figures (ie colour vision). I agree, the system is pretty ****!
As far as I know I have no colour blindness stuff (I am female). The optician that did my test today didn't do any of the "what number do you see" kind of tests, but I've so far never been told I have any problem in that department.

Thankyou for your reply. Hopefully the Navy will see me for what I am, rather than the RAF being sh!ts by giving me a place as a WSO and then taking it away due to my aptitude test scores being of the "old variety" before their aptitude system update circa 2007, and I wasn't allowed to sit the new ones as I had already sat (AND PASSED!!) the FATS twice before!

The whole rule of your old scores counting for the rest of your life had been somewhat ignored that day, and to be told that I couldn't join due to this **** system just makes me so f*cked off the with RAF it's unreal. But now the Navy has said words to the effect of "Yeah, don't worry about the RAF, they have been silly".

:) Here's to hoping it's plain sailing this time?
Watch the birdie,

The RAF have lifted the ban on sitting FAT's twice only. For them you can now sit it as many times as you like (with a years space between) and I hope that the Navy will follow suit or I will be applying to the RAF next year to use a better FAT's score to get me in the FAA!

The Navy still insisits on 2 attempts only so I would imagine that they will take your existing score (rather than make you sit it again). They will correspond with Cranwelll who will say that they have done it twice.

Hope that is of use.

That's news to me about the RAF's rule changes! Oh well, I will hopefully hear from the AFCO soon about whether I have to go again or not. Hopefully I won't, but I'm not going to cry about it if I have to go again.

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