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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by thelynxeffect, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. alrite all,
    I did a bit of searching but couldnt find any info on the eyesight medical for royal marines. what exactly do they do? do they just throw up a chart and make you read the lines off or look into your eyes with those machine things that the opticians use. im getting laser surgery next month so im thinking of just keeping my mouth shut if they're not looking that close.

    also im irish, republic of ireland in fact. irish army looks boring and goes nowhere so the marines looks good. what are my chances of making a career in the RM? would I be able for special forces and whatnot (if i blag my way through eyesight medcal)??

    many southern irish in the marines these days? i know alot go to the royal irish regiment up north. don't know about mainland britain tho.

  2. I think that any decent optician should be able to notice that you have had laser surgery!!!! My examination was about 30 mins, and involved a series of tests not just "read this". My medical was for Warfare in the RN, I am not sure what the RM examination involves but I imagine it is much the same.
    You will not be able to trick anyone as they call for your medical records and I assume your laser eye surgery will be on there!
  3. well they can only figure it out if they use those machines and look right into your eyes. it will be done privately so there will no no records of it!
  4. The only person that you are cheating is Yourself.
  5. oh yeah man like im gonna feel so bad about that haha
  6. Well then yes they will because I had a full eye exam, and that included the optician looking into my eye with several machines. Eyesight is very important so they are not just going to do a quick heads up, glasses/ no glasses scan. I had to get a preliminary exam done at my local opticians before I was ever interviewed. Unless you are going to bribe Specsavers I see little chance of you getting away with it! If it clearly states that you are not allowed laser eye surgery, and you went ahead with it that would almost certainly ruin your chance of entry!
  7. well balls to that idea anyway. pity they're not like the yanks. laser eye surgery is well accepted apparently.
  8. I think it is because there is very little know about the long term effects of the surgery! It is a pretty new procedure, and as far the Docs know you could be blind in 20 years! Are you eyes that bad that you could not apply without the surgery? I don't know anything about the RM entry standards so i apologise for my ignorance.
  9. yeah they're bad enough. tbh laser eye surgery has been around since early 90's. i know there's still suspicion around it but amazingly enough over here alot of soldiers after they join the army (and pilots in air corps) take a few weeks off and get surgery, come back and army are none the wiser. ill keep an eye on the requirements (hoho!) and see how it pans out in the next few months.
  10. That may explain all the Blue on Blues!There is a current train of thought that if you have had Laser Eye Surgery,that should you suffer from Cateracts in later life they are inoperable!There havent been enough long term Studies carried out on Laser eye surgery to give it a complete clean bill of health.Also giving fraudulent information on entry can result in a Discharge.The choice is yours.
  11. My friend tried to trick the RN about his asthma and they soon caught on, and were, as you can imagine, mighy pissed that they had spent alot of time and money on him only to then have to bin him.

    Good Luck with your application!
  12. Never withold your medical history. As Sara pointed out there are alot of people who do and pay the consequences, not only with just their careers, but also with their health. I can't see how improving your eyesight through laser surgery could be contrived by the RMs as negative?
  13. As far as I am aware the RN and RM do not allow you to join if you have had the surgery...

  14. not really the best attitude to have is it?!

    from my experience (not much!) I'd say it's always best to be honest.. I was worried when I had my medical because I get mild excema now and again and the app form says that "unless quantified" it excludes you from entry, i had a word with the doc about it , he had a quick look at my skin and said its fine..
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    TLE, top tip, go to the AFCO & ask for the letter on laser eye surgery, it tells you all about LASIK & LASEK eye surgery. One is acceptable, the other is not. Spookily it's the expensive one that's acceptable. The previous posts are correct mate, you cannot "blag" your eyetest, you have to go to an opthalmist (usually Dollond & Aitchison on the UK mainland) & they're pretty good at noticing if you've had eye surgery. The AFCO in Ireland is in Belfast or you may apply though Liverpool AFCO if that is easier for you.
  16. As someone who was scuppered as a fresh faced 18yo trying to join the RN back in '99, and who has just had surgery it seems apt to comment!

    It used to be the case that no altered vision would be accepted, same with others such as Army, RAF, police, etc. for the reasons mentioned - ie, too much of an unknown quantity. Now it has been around for a while I know there is more acceptance of it within the uniformed services. I am currently in the process of appling for the RNR who now accept laser treated eyes, so I assume this is sufficient also for the full RN. A friend of mine has been treated and has been accepted into the Police.

    Marines possiblydiffer but I would check it out - both times I have been involved with RN eye tests they are very very thorough and would easily spot any signs of laser treatment, whether done privately or not.

    As an aside, my eyesight was absolutely bloody awful - had my op at 5pm last Tuesday, was inside for ten minutes, back for check-up at 0830 the next morning and had better than 20/20 vision. No pain, no discomfort, just some drops to put in.

    Can highly recommend it!!!!!

  17. Well then be truthful or don't be and potentially be discharged on medical grounds and as a result of fraudulance.
  18. If you are really worried cant you just get the music printed larger, i dont know how big a music stand can go, but if it saves your career in the Corp its got to be worth a go....fingers crossed.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Or just play the drums, you don't need music for that.
  20. cheers for all the replies, ill give the belfast recruiting station a phonecall after the procedure to see what they say. it's easy for someone with fine eyesight to say how I would be "cheating" myself and the system. try and be someone who pays a few grand for surgery and then be told you're still uneligible. i would be as honest i as i can, but it's just not fair to those of us who want to be soldiers and get fucked over by eyesight.

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