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Eyesight help

Hi this is my first post, I'm hoping to join the Royal Marines this time next year, I have been training for around a year now and my fitness is fine but I'm worried about my eyesight.

I recently purchased contact lenses and my eyes are both -1.50, the optician says this is not bad and I only really need to wear them when I am driving.

Anyway, I have been using the search engine and all the eyesight topics are like 6/6 6/9 etc, I don't know what these are so can someone convert mine for me and see if my eyesight is suitable for the Marines?

Thanks Rob
For some peace of mind mate, why don't you take a bimble into your local AFCO and ask one of the members of the recruiting staff. The Doc might even be there if you're lucky and he/she can put your mind at rest.
From memory, it is only a standard eyesight test and I think you'll be fine.

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