Eyesight - HELP PLS

Please help!!!! I have just been refused RN entry on the basis my right eye falls short of the 6/60 standard…..JUST

Having already passed and AIB some time ago, I am pretty upset to now find I cannot even get an interview now. I am also amazed that, quote “our line in the sand is a generous one†by med officer I spoke to regarding the eyesight standards, why there is a line at all then?? His analogy of “if I was in a compartment, in the dark filled with smoke, along side a guy who could see well, I would have trouble getting out or helping my fellow menâ€â€¦.. But considering I am only just below the requirements, I can’t see how a person just above the requirements would fair any better in that situation??

Can anyone help? Is there an appeal process I can go down, what can I do?

If it helps I pass all other criteria set forth in the eyesight document, it is just this visual acuity thing…and I wanna be an engineer

Thanks to all


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Use the search button, there are thousands of words written on the forum about eyesight problems.

I think you have to live with the fact that if you don't make the minimum standard, they don't accept you.


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You thought about getting lazer surgery? Costs around £500 per eye, but if you're that keen to get in then it has to be worth it?


Be careful about corrective surgery: it costs a lot, isn't guaranteed to work, can reduce your night vision, and I have yet to meet an eye surgeon who has had it done to him/herself.

The line in the sand is pretty generous: depending on your branch, the level isn't that high. Having said that, a standard is a standard - it must be met.

There is no point appealing - the required standard is not debatable.


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