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Hi All,

So I have applied as a logistics officer and presuming I pass the AIB I would like to have a go at joining the Silent Service. My question is this: will my eyesight, which is the minimum acceptable standard for officer entry (6/60, S3 standard) prevent me from serving on submarines? My OCLO suggested that the watch system might pose a problem but he is not sure and hinted that it might be overlooked due to the current manpower shortage in the submarine service. Anyone care to comment?

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Again, it's one of those: "Only the Medical Officer is qualified to advise your medical suitability for service".

At risk of being a harbinger of doom, I've never heard of medical standards being relaxed because of "in branch" shortages! (otherwise we'd have a load of asthmatic Royal Marines suffering from migraine!)

You are FAR more likely to be offered a trade in which your eyesight standard is acceptable.

Good luck!


Jaycam, as long as you can see something in time through the periscope to either take the boat deep or tell the Command that you are not happy then all will be well. Note that the Astutes have non-hull penetrating periscopes using an optronics system which is all controlled using a gucci screen and switches. Having served with some visually challenged loggies and WEs in my time, from what you are saying it should not all be gloomy.


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Good luck Jaycam,
You can always keep scanner closed up so he can tell you what you're about to be run over by. I've seen one or two supply Officers on boats peering through the bottoms of milk bottles on search and managing just fine.
I hope you get the job you want!
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