Eyesight- bad news turned into good news!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by AledJ, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. Long story short, applied to join the RN last year but decided to pursue a legal career. I did have an eye test done back then, and I was VA3 which cleared me for a number of branches. Over a month ago I started the process of joining the RNR in order to have a legal career, but also be part of the RN.

    So just had a call from the AFCO to tell me that although i'm in the VA3 category, I could be unsuitable for entry. The reason was that some N rating on the eye test, which should be below 10 was 18 for me.

    So going to get a second opinion next week in the hope the last optician got it wrong.

    My question is this- if my score on this N rating was above 10 then how did I fall within the VA3 category ???

    Really hope this does not end everything :(
  2. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Hi AledJ,

    Right eye shouldn't be worse than N5, Left eye can be no worse than N10. How you were graded VA3 with N18 is down to the optician and how they read the RN's requirements. That's why you have to then take them onto the AFCO Medical Examiner who has the final say on VA (Visual Acuity).

    Get a second opinion incase the first optician got it wrong, but if it is worse than the standards then there is very little you can do.

    Your own CA is the best person to talk to they know your story.


  3. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Thank for explaining it supermario. It must be my left eye as it has always been the worst. Will see what the next optician thinks. TBH the last one seemed very unsure with how to grade it.
  4. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Got another eye test booked for next week. But I wanted to ask one more question and that is, why is the eye test not the first thing done?? I mean would it not make sense to have an eye test before embarking on the whole process?
  5. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    It certainly is, currently, for regular recruitment (at least at my AFCO.)

    Eye test first, then medical where the completed form is handed in.
  6. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Sorry should have clarified. What I meant is why is the eye not the first thing done before a recruitment test is taken?

    Then again I guess it won't matter as the medical rules people out. Guess i'm just annoyed the optician didn't mark the paper correctly.
  7. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Ah, I'm not too sure when the RT fits in - I've a feeling I did that bit out of order.

    It may well be economical. The RT is probably the cheapest part of the process given that the AFCO is open anyway and it only takes minutes to mark the papers. No point paying for an eye test and medical for someone who will go on to fail the RT.
  8. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Piece of paper.........pencils and some time spent marking...........reasonably cheap..........eye test at D&A....at £15/25 (forget which).....less cheap. and judging by how many people failed the RT when I sat it, im guessing its cost efficient to only do eye tests for the ones with a hope of getting in (passing the RT). Purely a guess however.

    Just watching a documentary bout the development of the Buccaneer so a wee bit distracted
  9. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Ok just got another form and had a look at the back. On the 'visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses it has for the left eye- <6/60

    So what is this N10 business about?

    I mean there is 6/24 N10, 6/18 N10 and 6/12 N10 for the left eye for 'visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses'

    I know Its along short to have this explained but I thought I might try my luck.
  10. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Just had the second eye test and was classed as VA2. The optician said I was well within what i failed on before. So now just have to wait for the medical officer to check it. I was going to go to my local AFCO and hand he form in, but are they closed on Saturdays?

    Could anyone in the know answer this next bit-

    Near unaided right eye= N8
    Near unaided left eye= N14

    Near aided right eye= N5
    Near aided left eye= N5

    I assuming that it was the near unaided I failed on last time, which means with N14 in the left eye I fail again ?
  11. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    I'm afraid you will have to wait until Monday.
  12. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    When you say right eye shouldn't be worse than N5, and left eye can be no worse than N10- is that in reference to the near aided or unaided ?
  13. Re: Eyesight- bad news!


    Whilst I, and other RR readers eyeballing your posts, are sympathetic of your uncertainty you must accept that the only correct and OFFICIAL answer to your questions (and the further questions which will probably then arise) will just have to wait until your own AFCO opens up shop next week.

    Meanwhile I would suggest that you park those specific queries until then and just try to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Frustrating, I know - But if it really starts to get you down you could always give a good kicking to that dog wot went and ate one of your new shiny boots. :wink:

  14. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    I know I won't get a certain yes but hoped maybe Ninja would be on somewhere. I'll put my test form away for now! Monday morning can not come soon enough.
  15. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Bob is right. Relax and take it easy till the cock crows tomorrow as something tells me you will be flying out of your front door in time to reach the AFCO for 9am sharp. Best of luck by the way
  16. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    I'm unsure if there is another test at the medical. All I know is that they check the form filled out by the optician before i'm passed to medical checks.

    What do you mean go in as something else? If I fail the eye test I will not be able to join. As i'm joining the RNR they are limited branches at my local unit. Anyway, day of judgement has arrived :|
  17. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    I suggest advice would be best given by the people in the know.
  18. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    Aye, thats why im not giving any advice. Just purely speculating. Poor sod has been fretting all weekend i seems. Poor bugger
  19. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    I wouldn't speculate either to be honest.

    Plus I saying to both you and WS2B.

    Newbies giving advice isn't always the best idea. Especially when knowledge on the subject is very limited.

    When it comes to things medical/recruitment his AFCO or the two on here or Angrydoc are probably the only ones with maybe a couple others that are in the know
  20. Re: Eyesight- bad news!

    MOD ON
    Unhelpful 'speculation' and guesstimates posts from WS2B amd Scouse_Castaway deleted. Any drips see a plumber.

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