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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by RSmith, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I've applied to join the Royal Marines, and am due to take my PJFT next week. There is one issue that has been troubling me for a while. I'm pretty short sighted as people go, and I use 30-day contact lenses.

    I've read a lot of forums about being allowed contact lenses in training, and substituting them for sturdy glasses during certain phases. But I'm wondering - what about after training? Can you wear contact lenses during service life? I'm assuming the situations in training you're not allowed contact lenses for, you will come across during your time as a serving Marine.

    Can somebody help me here?
  2. I would assume that sturdy glasses are the way to go mate

    If you're off to somewhere hot and dusty and you get dust behind your lenses you're fcuked. If you have to get up quickly (which you will) then you won't exactly have time to put the lenses in quickly, so I'd go for the glasses if I were you :)
  3. Thanks. I'm really looking forward to it all, but my eyesight's abismal, and laser surgery is a 12 month wait.

    Ah well, as long as they use barn doors for targets on the range I'll be alright!
  4. Ah mate don't go for laser surgery.

    It's a well dodgy subject in the forces

    I reckon you'd be better off with the worse vision as long as it's good enough to get in :)

    Good luck mate
  5. You can get "indestructible" glasses which can be bent into any shape but bounce back - I got a pair before basic and they still work pretty well!
  6. I'll have to get myself a pair. Thankyou!!

    I have a pair of rimless ones at the moment, but I don't know whether they'd last.

    Thanks for being so helpful. Every RM I've met has been so friendly. Even the ex ones down the gym!
  7. Keep your nice glasses for when you are doing your kit and later on for when you go ashore for a few drinks.
  8. Haha! Will do.
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  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    If I read your profile correctly you are still a student, if thats the case it might be better if you leave the advice to those actually serving. Its good to see your enthusiasm but don't get carried away. :dwarf:
  10. Does anybody know where I can get a pair of these indestructibles?
  11. From an indestructibles shop perhaps??
  12. I got mine from my optician - apparently they're recommended for police officers as well. Have a chat with your optician - I can't remember the exact name but I know you can bend them into any shape (believe me, I have!) and they just bounce back. Top bit of kit.
  13. The "indestructible" frames are variously known as "memory metal" frames or "flexi-frames". They are made from Titanium/Nickel or Titanium/Cobalt alloy and are about 50% more expensive than standard frames. You may also want to have polycarbonate lenses rather than standard plastic as they are less likely to shatter or scratch. As angrydoc says - have a chat with your optician.
  14. Will Do. Thanks for the advise! :D

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