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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JaFAA, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Right I've just had an eye test and I absolutely need to know what my results mean.

    I've found this website which tells me I've passed for most bits (to be a pilot), but I'm unsure of others.


    First of all, my vision is 6/5. Is that better than 6/6 or worse??

    My near aided/unaided is N4. The requirements says N5. So is N4 better or worse?!?!?!

    My 'Cyl' reading is -0.25 and -0.50. The requirements says the limit is +1.25. No mention of negative numbers!!

    And finally, anyone know what my 'axis' readings mean? 115 and 60

    And one more thing... can tiredness(hangover) affect an eye test?! I was out on a mates stag do last night!!!
  2. you are fine mate, pretty much the same as i got, and they let me in!
  3. Nice one! But did you apply for pilot??
  4. Why? Can't the pilot apply for himself?
  5. Eye Eye Sir :oops:
  6. Why didn't you ask the Optician? He/she after all may have had a clue.
    Or failing that wait the 2 days, count 'em 2, until your AFCO opens and you can ask them.
  7. The opticians at D&A aren't allowed to tell you wether you've passed or not, they usually seal the results and send them off. But NZ is right... it's only 2 days of waiting.
  8. nope. AET, i guess you have to have near on perfect vision for pilot
  9. 6/5 is good enough for navy aircrew, only the RAF require 6/6, and thats only for pilots, not WSOs or WSOPs (other aircrew).
  10. Ummm on the subject of eyes, this may sound a stupid question but if you are in the navy in another branch and you wish to transfer to aircrew, are they still as strict on the eye test as when you first applied?
  11. Mate - 6/5 is better than 6/6. It's a fraction, and the larger the number the better.
  12. It's the same medical. Yes it is strict.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, do they still cup your scrotum and check your prostate? If so, I'm considering re-catting... 8O :wink:
  14. They used to!

    Had a 1st officer Wrens cup em last time!!!!!! (cough) :? 8O
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Kerchiiing! Request Form being written out as we speak... :lol:
  16. I was not talking about if he should have asked whether he'd passed or not.
    I asked why Jaffaa didn't ask what the numbers meant (Ie Negative numbers etc) at the time. Surely a Potential Officer should have the foresight and gumption to realise the person to ask is the professionally qualified one administering the test.
    Too flustered perhaps. :roll:
  17. For general info:

    6/6 means you can see at 6 metres what you should be able to see at 6 metres. 6/30 means you can see at 6 metres what you should see at 30 metres, ie a lot worse.

    20/20 vision is still referred to by some people- it's just the old version of 6/6 in imperial form (20 feet is approx 6 metres).
  18. Not flustered. If you read what I put in my original question, I was hung over for a start. Yeah not exactly the best time for an eye test but it was booked and I'd specially asked to start work an hour late for it. And I couldnt avoid the hang over cos it was a mates stag night.

    I would've asked what my results meant, but as someone said, they were sealed and stuck in an envelope then given to me. Plus I really wasn't getting on with the optician, some fresh faced newly graduated student who had obviously spent her entire childhood living in a cave.

    I'm gonna take my results to a differnt optician, along with the list of pilto requirements, and ask them their opinion.

    If I've failed, does anyone know if I'd be allowed to retake the test at my own expense? I'm certain my scores were worse than they should have been in some areas, as my previous eye test just a few months ago at specsavers was a hell of a lot better. And I was sober.
  19. I think your eye test results are fine (especially the 6/5 bit). Not sure about the negative numbers and axis stuff. I'm no optician.

    Being hungover/tiredness can affect your eyesight, so maybe redoing a test MAY be beneficial. However, the reason of "I was hungover from a mate's stag do" may not go down too well, as I'm guessing some one will ask at some point why you want to redo the eye test.

    I don't have much authority to talk about being hungover except from my experience of being a civvy ATCO, and if you turn up to work hungover you get no sympathy and you get sent home so you can have a long think about getting trashed before what is technically an important day. Especially for the aviation side of things.

    By the sounds of things, you should be fine though. Just don't get trashed next time.
  20. Wheyyy. Just piped up my concerns on the old yahoo answers, and some kind optician soul got back to me. All is okay. In fact, I've got eagle eyes.

    I figured out most of it and it was all okay. My main concern was the fact that my 'Cyl' reading was -0.50 and -0.25. The requirements pdf only mentions a limit of +1.25, so I'm going to assume that any measurements that read lower than 0 are not an issue.

    Thanks for the help and piss-taking from everyone!

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