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I have had a search to see if anyone has had the same problem, but found nothing. Over three weeks ago i sent off the eye test form to be checked over at Birmingham (i think is where it went) A week went by nothing- didn't think much of this. Got to the second week and decided to give my local recruitment office a call. Was told to call this other number, which i did ( i found twice after not being called back)

On the second time called these guys in Birmingham i was told the person who would deal with my eye test was on leave, and would be back on the Monday (which was 3 days ago) Now i know things can take time during the application process but last year when i applied (decided to do my master before joining) had a reply and more forms within 3-4 days. Maybe i'm just to impatient lol

Can anyone shed some light on this? Should i give them another call just to see what’s going on?

Can't really understand why only one person can sort my eye test form.



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One assumes you are referring to the Officer Information Form, which includes the requirement for you to complete your contact details & academic qualifications together with the "Opticians Report for Officer Candidates" (to be completed by a qualified optician) before the complete form is submitted to your Area Careers Liaison Officer (ACLO).

After you have submitted this form, you may be invited to attend an Officer presentation at your nearest Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO), alternatively you will be sent a letter calling you forward to sit the Recruiting Test (RT). At this time of year most AFCOs are fairly busy processing school & college/uni leavers/graduates, so you may have to wait 4 or more weeks for a RT.

If in doubt, give your ACLO a call (link below) but you should allow up to 12 months from application to entry for most officer applicants. We usually suggest people submit their application before they finish education so that they complete the selection process and have a potential job offer once they finish their education, rather than apply after graduation/qualification.

Good luck.

Quick question about eyesight, if anyone can help than great.

A few months ago I had an optician fill the Officer Optician form out for me, and was told I was VA2. I sent it in and have since had the Recruit tests and the Officer Sift Interview. All went well. After filling in the Medical forms I was given at the Sift interview I realised I had to get an optometrist to look at my uncorrected visual acuity, and it wasn't good at all to be honest. Is there a good chance i will be classified medically unfit, as I couldn't read even the largest letter without contacts/glasses, even though I'm VA2 when corrected?

Thanks to anyone who responds, I know I could wait to find out but needed some kindof idea. I'm so keen to join!

Yeah sorry just clarify I think I could be <6/60 Right, <6/60 Left.

I'm so confused, as I was told I was VA2, and the ACLO haven't said anything about the first optician report, so I assumed it would be ok, or I could go for Logistics officer if warfare wasn't possible.

Sorry for the confusion



If you can't read the top line then your uncorrected vision is < 6/60 in that eye. That, I am afraid, will stop you from being a Warfare Officer. Your second option of Logs is still possible as long as your right eye is better than your left: you need to be able to read the top line unaided with your right eye.
You are also expected to supply your own guide dog with pooper scooper, leash, harness and feeding bowl. His/her feed will be added to your mess bills.
Thanks for the response Angry Doc.

I think i can't read the top line with either eye so have to find another career path, then laser surgery in a few years time when my eyes have settled and can afford it.

It's just gutting i've gone so far through the process, and already had an optician form completed, to find out now.


See threads passim regarding eye surgery: some types are acceptable, and some types are not. In addition:

- it's not guaranteed to work
- it may actually make things worse, especially night vision
- I have never met an eye surgeon or optician who has had it done.

Having said that it is becoming more reliable and is slowly gaining increased acceptance by the Services.

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