Eye Test for wannabe Pilot

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by PlasticPedals, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. I'm just wondering what the actual eye test involves.. is it both eyes at the same time, or each eye individually?

    It's just that my right eye is ever so slightly better than my left

    I've done a few online Snellen tests and I only tripped up on a couple of letters (confusing a D with an O) with just my left eye, do you have to get 100% in each eye seperately? I get 100% every time with both eyes. Maybe it's the computer screen getting me though, out in the street I've been reading far away stuff with just my left eye and seem to do alright (I think)

    I've never needed glasses and the last eye test I had about 3 years ago said I had 20/20 vision. Maybe I'm being paranoid because this means so much to me
  2. It's done the day after your AIB pass, at a local optician and it is a full eye test as you would have as if you were being tested for glasses at your local opticians - each eye seperately, both together, with different lenses put in those uncomfortable glasses. It was no different to any eyetest i've ever had. You don't get told your results, the (woman, when I did it) tests you then sends the results direct to AIB, who will see if you are a pass or a fail.

    You sound like you are in exactly the same situation I was, good luck I hope it turns out well for you!
  3. Mate, there's a simple way to find out if your eye sight is good enough. Go to your local Dolland and Aitchison branch and ask: "please can you give me an eye test and tell me which level of pass I have by Royal Navy standards?"
  4. :roll: Not to worried about eye test for Wannabe Pilots :wink: :wink: More about your grubby mits test. I. E. Lifting Red covers,and playing with things black and yellow 8O 8O 8O 8O
  5. Dunno about that with getting the test done after AIB, unless it's a special rigorous different one? My eye test stuff was sent along with all my other medical documents that I had to fill in before my sift interview.

    Also, I was in the same boat as you. I was convinced one eye was slightly off, specially as I took a fookin hard blow to it about a year ago in a bit of a scuffle (couldn't stand direct normal daylight for a day or two). I went to an opticians, told them my concerns, had a test and was told "yes your right eye is a bit worse than your left, but this is very normal in most of the population, and your eye sight is still fine for a pilot application."

    Then, when I took my 'official' eye test, the one paid for by the MOD to go with my application, I was in a bit of a situation in that I had an unavoidable hangover from a mates 21st birthday the night before. So I was convinced I would have worse results. In fact, I got better, my eyes were 6/5!!!
  6. JaFAA, could be. I had a pre AIB test done as well, that was sent along with my files, but upon passing AIB all the aircrew candidates went to do the eye test the following morning after the pass in the local area. As I said it seemed to be exactly the same as any opticians report i've ever had - talking to the MO who did my medical afterwards, he told me that the reason they used the local woman is that they trusted her to be 'absolutely ruthless' with the candidates.

    I'm sure you'll pass PlasticPedals regardless of the actual route they take to get the test results :D
  7. I'm booked in for thursday morning. Going to do those daft eye exercises between now and then, you know, just in case
  8. I passed my eye test! I can't wait to start the application process now

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