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Hello all,

I had my medical call on Wednesday and the nurse said I was fine for everything but the eyes' test. I did the test at boots and the optician said I met the second standard on the paper and perfectly satisfied the criteria with my contact lenses. I didn't know why I failed. The position I am applying is general rating. Does anyone know how long for the appeal process?


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Sorry to hear of your circumstances.

Both your corrected and uncorrected eyesight prescription must fall within the prameters for visual acuity standard three (VA3). If one or other doesn't fall within those boundaries then unfortunately an appeal would only be valid if an independent eyetest showed categorically that both the uncorrected and corrected standard are met.

Generally VA1 or VA2 applies to Warfare branches (plus AET) and it could well be that your prescription is not valid for those eyesight categories but you could feasibly be eligible for the less stringent eyesight branches such as Logistics and Marine or Weapons Engineering.

The tip? speak to your careers adviser first.

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