eye sight test

rightos 1st of all hi all (1st post and all) and 2nd sorry if this is in the wrong bit eppps!

right heres my Q i have just had my eye sight test and the kind lady told me how i did......she told me i have no problems at all and that i have passed....okies good start i guess.... she then hands me the sealed enevelope that i need to give in when i have my next meeting.....

now when i got home i just had to open it, reason being i just wanted to know what my eye sight was.... now on the bit of paper that she had to fill out it says.....

i confirm that the indiviaual i have examined with refernce to the guidance above DOES meet the visual standard 1, 2 or 3

then it says the same but with DOES NOT meet the visual standards for entry to the royal navy and is below VA3

there are both tickable boxes to the side and she put a tick in the box with DOES NOT meet.....

then on the same bit of paper 2cm down from where she ticked it has confirm visual standard below (please tick appropriate box below)
below VA3

now in this one she has put me as VA1

now the problem i have is that i wasnt ment to open it.....but i dont want a little mistake to have a delay on me getting into basic. or am i reading it wrong and i have failed the test and i can see have eyesight as VA1 but still not meet the visual standards?

end of the day i dont know what to do and any help i can get on the problem i have would be great thanks...........


Actually, under the Data Protection Act, you have a right to see any information which pertains to you. This includes medical records, but it is normally preferable to look at them with a suitably qualified person (usually GP) so that queries like this can be nipped in the bud.

I suggest you go back to said nice lady and ask her to run you over the info - she may have made a simple clerical error.

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