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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by matta12, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. hey I was wonderding the eye sight requirments to be a submarine marine engineer as I thnk I fall in to VA3. Thanks for any help
  2. Same as surface fleet, ask your AFCO
  3. Why do you think you are VA3?
    VA3 is acceptable for ET(ME)(SM)
  4. as im -4.5 diopters I thought I had heard that you had to be VA 2 to serve as a submariner.
  5. matta12

    VA2 only required on submarines for Warfare Branch.

    VA3 is fine for you.

    Have you had your eye test?
  6. I havent yt I have gt my recrutment test on the 23rd of july. However I put marine engineering down as fish choice and weapons engineering as second choice as I thought I couldnt do marine engineering in submarines as I though you had to be VA2 (had read somewere on internet). Do you reckon they ll be any chance of changing my choices nw I no I should be able to get in with my eye sight. Thanks for any help
  7. Matta12

    Pls clarify which job you actually prefer.
  8. I would MUCH prefer to go in as a submariner marine engineer but didnt put ths down as I belived you had to be VA2.
  9. So you put down as your first choice ....?
  10. No i didnt put submarining down at all as I thought you had to be VA2, as I had read this sumwhere, do you reckon there is much scope to change my choice as I have already sent my form off I have got my recruitment test in 2weeks. Thanks for any advice
  11. Matta12

    It's OK - it's not set in stone. The form only asks if you have any initial ideas - at this point you can change with no problem - best bet is to ring your AFCO and just let them know - they will have no problems with this at all.

    Do you have the number?
  12. yes it was with the leeds office It was the form for navy application that I sent back to get my test date.
  13. as said at this time I thought I would be able to get in submarines as through it was VA2 for all jobs
  14. Give Leeds a call - 0113 243 2914; it will be OK.
  15. ok thank you dont suppose any1 knows roughly the waiting list for marine engineering submariner
  16. Matta12

    If everything goes smoothly, you would most likely be looking at early next year.

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