Eye sight requirements and psychometric tests

Got my psychometric test TOMORROW not too worried as any practice tests I've done I've walked cos I'm a fairly bright lad (not to toot my own horn) just wondering if they are as easy as they seem?? Example and practice questions provided where very easy! Also I'm probably just being daft but I keep worrying about my eyesight, I have no conditions in my eyes and do not wear corrective lenses AT ALL (although I used to at a young age) I have perfect vision in one eye but the other eye is not so great... any thoughts on this? I can still see through it, it is just blurry... Would be massively grateful for any help :)
No comment on the psychometric testing. As for eyes, if your concerned toddle along to Spec Savers or the like and have your eyes tested. That way a qualified person will give you an honest answer.


Trust us and we'll spin you round so fast you'll think you suffer from blurred vision anyway!!!!:toothy10:
Carried out the psychometric test (RT) a couple of months back, don't be fooled into taking the examples as a gauge of how difficult it is as the real questions are a fair bit trickier. In my opinion that is.
Really? Do the Mechanical Comprehension questions require a lot of calculations? Or are they based on logic? Also, are they similar sort of questions to what you get in the booklet?
I wouldn't bother paying for an eye test yourself. If you pass the RT then the next step will be an eye test at a local optician, paid for by the RN.

As for the RT I didn't find it any harder than the practice questions but as ian-and/or-nadine said it's a matter of opinion.


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The Royal Navy Psychometric Test (Download)is 4 part multiple choice, 30 questions in each section & you should aim to get a minimum of 50% correct in each of the 4 sections to be assured of a good pass & to leave viable job options in the Navy. If you score less than ten out of 30 in the English or maths sections, it's an automatic fail for any job. The questions aren't hard, but you need to work fast. If you fail it's 12 months for a re-sit, so beware falling at the first hurdle. The booklet is available free,from your AFCO.

The test sections are as follows: Reasoning 9 mins, Literacy 9 mins, Numeracy 16 mins, Mechanical Comprehension 10 mins. Thirty questions in each section. In total 120 questions in 44 minutes.

For Officers, minimum scores have been introduced in both the the Reasoning & Mechanical Comprehension sections, together with increases in the minimum Literacy & Numeracy scores. For Officer you need to aim for 75% correct in each section & again, the Mechanical Comprehension section is tripping-up a fair few applicants.

You get a free practice test booklet from the AFCO which is an excellent guide to what to expect. The questions are drawn directly from all three versions of the Recruiting Test with only the numerical values changed. The Practice booklet is only valid if you follow the instructions to the letter & practice against the clock. Those who fail the recruiting test frequently bemoan that the example booklet was "nothing like the real test" - it's exactly like the real test if you follow the instructions.

Online tests are of limited value as it's a paper & pencil test, however a lot of people say the Brain Training games on a DS helped them.

Free Online Psychometric Tests can be found if you are prepared to look. You should go through the test as fast as you can to simulate the real thing.

A good example of online tests can be found at:Civil Service online test which offers a simulated Naval entry test. To my mind it's probably the most representative of the online tests available, albeit online rather than paper & pencil.

A good book to maybe borrow from a library (harder than the test, but good for practice- IF you feel you need it) is IQ & Psychometric Testing by Phillip Carter another one, believe it or not is the Verbal, Non-Verbal & mathematics sections of 11+ Mixed Papers. It sounds mad but the questions are virtually identical- again it's the timescales that make it difficult. You only have 9 minutes to complete 30 questions in the verbal section, same again in the non-verbal & 16 minutes for the 30 maths questions. Sounds easy- try it!

The generic: Practice-Tests-Armed-Forces(ISBN: 9780340926550)is reasonable in my opinion, but possibly a little easier than the real thing. The Ultimate Psychometric Test Bookis another reasonable example to borrow from your nearest library. Not particularly a fan myself, but others recommend the How2Become series: How To Join The Royal Navy | How 2 Become

Other sites:
https://pg.sitebase.net/pg_images/taleo/practicetest.htm (Select Language to enter into test pages)

http://www.psychometric-success.com...ss Mechanical Reasoning - Practice Test 1.pdf

Sample Tets – UK Civil Service and Royal Navy

4Tests.com - Free, Practice Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB and AFQT) Exam (Click "Begin Exam")

Psychometric Success - Free Practice Aptitude Tests

Graduate Jobs Numeracy Tests

SHL Direct | Practice Tests

Practice Psychometric Tests, Free Numerical & Verbal Tests, Career & Online Personality Questionnaires & Situational Judgement Tests | 2012

Finance Jobs UK: Investment Banking Jobs, IT Jobs in Finance & Accounting Recruitment in UK

Aptitude Tests – Psychometric Measures – Personality Tests

Interview tests and exercises: Psychometric tests | Prospects.ac.uk

Kenexa | Assessments


The overiding advice, is these example tests need not cost you a penny, so don't be suckered into buying something you can borrow or download for nothing.

More stuff on eyesight here. Most Rating Warfare Trades are Visual Acuity standard Two (VA2). Logs, Engineering, Medical & Royal Machines are, by and large, VA3: Eyesight - the facts about mince pies . Officers are the same with regard visual acuity, except Aircrew - VA1.

Edited to correct VA standards.
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The RT test is similar to the ones that are in the practive booklet that the AFCO gives you, the only thing that makes them harder is knowing you are being timed and that you want to try and get as many as you done as you can. But obviously the more you stress the more chance you have of mucking things up.

As for the eye test, i wouldnt worry too much and you will get a free eye test from the RN once you pass your RT.


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Re: eyesight. I was in the same boat as you when I started my application. I was worried as my right isn't as good as my left, come test day it turned out my left eye was 6/5 and right was 6/6.... nothing to worry about.

Morel of the story is when it comes to medical shit only start to worry/stress after you have failed the tests.
Regarding the RT which I passed last week.

As it says in the Navy Test Book you'll get the 4 different tests. Reasoning, Numerical, English & Mechanical.

The tests are exactly the same as in the practise test booklet, but slightly harder.

Reasoning is mostly shape recognition and working out what number comes next.
IQ tests would probably be worth doing as preparation to this.

Numerical is maths, in mine you needed to know, fractions, decimal points, working out averages, long division and long multiplication. Also if you can multiply by fractions that will help. You'll need knowledge of angles.

English will be your understanding of words, the type of questions I had were spotting sentences where the meaning was the same for all bar one which you had to identify. You would also get questions where you were supplied with a number of words and had to identify which meant the opposite of the example word. There was also questions in which you was supplied with part of a word eg car then you would have example where you could make a longer word like carPET.
Any free sites should be able to help with this.

Mechanical was the hardest for me, I would look up how to wire a plug, electrical circuits, weight bearing, pulleys. You will also be required to work out some surface areas and perimeters. Also if you can identify some basic tools this will help, different types of spanners and how they are used, what a soldering iron looks like etc.

I used a website called how2become the questions on English we're not relavent at all so if you're struggling with that look elsewhere, the maths tests where ok, but I expect you could get ones equally as good on the links posted previously. Mechanical was ok but didn't cover everything that was in the test. I was more confident going into the test though so the £12 it cost was worth it in the end, but it wasn't the be all end all it was advertised as...

You don't get any indication of time so, just plough through as many questions as quickly as you can, if one requires some working out then move on, and come back to them at the end would be my advice.

Hope this helps
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You don't get any indication of time so, just plough through as many questions as quickly as you can, if one requires some working out then move on, and come back to them at the end would be my advice.
If only someone would invent some kind of personal timing device that could be worn on, oh I don't know let's say the wrist...
The bit that caught me out was;

"The tests are exactly the same as in the practise test booklet, but slightly harder." quote

How could it be 'exactly the same' 'but slightly harder'!!!!! :confused1:
The bit that caught me out was;

"The tests are exactly the same as in the practise test booklet, but slightly harder." quote

How could it be 'exactly the same' 'but slightly harder'!!!!! :confused1:
Exactly the same type of questions... but slightly harder... :frown::fish::joker::safe::spiderman::happy9::nod::sad6::clap::sleepy3:

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