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Hi. Sorry to ask this question as I have seen this on here but I can't find it anywhere, but I just want to known the eye requirements for the RN?
I have booked myself in for a eye sight test tomorrow just to see what my vision is.
Thanks :)
I can answer you question. Eyesight is definitely a requirement.
Requirement used to be 6/6 corrected. Specific branches had specific requirements, though, some more stringent than others.
One S. Tuff, a fellow scablifter and oppo was as blind as a bat without his specs but he was the finest naturally gifted marksman I ever knew, when he was wearing them.
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I'm going for the seaman specialist
So when I get the card with my vision on what am I looking for?
Below or above 6/6 or what not?
You can't get above 6/6. It is, or at least was, the highest visual acuity attainable on a standard RN eye test.
I think colour perception is probably more important.
Roger that. What will be the minimum then? I'm good with the colours so all good there. Thanks for taking the time to answer on a Saturday night. :)
I've been out a long time and things have probably changed a great deal. Angry doc will probably be along sooner or later and he can probably give you the full SP.
I've been out a long time and things have probably changed a great deal. Angry doc will probably be along sooner or later and he can probably give you the full SP.
Angry Doc has hung up his stethoscope for the time being. Nemesis may comment . Better still ask the AFCO.
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This may be of some use.


I believe, from comparing it to the sheet I took to the opticians only last week, it remains current.

Interestingly, and without wanting to be a know-it-all, one's eyesight can be better than 6/6. I asked the optician about this and was duly educated on the point as I ended up with a 5/6 which, and I recall somewhat accurately, means I can read at six metres what should be read by the good viewer at five metres. Or something.
Thanks astraeus. I had a eye test today and I am mild short sighted. The optician looked at the table of requirements you sent and he said that I I'm all good. I'm gonna keep the results and give it to the AFCO if it will help them.
Nothing know it all about what you posted, Astraeus, you are correct, after all. The standard RN eye test only tested to 6/6. Aircrew and some other prospective specialists were tested to a stricter standard post entry, or at least I was. This was back in the early seventies, though.


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Just a point to start: When the optician says what is the lowest line you can read, don't say 'Made in China'. I have no idea why, but they don't find it funny!

Anyway, the basic eye test measures your visual acuity and correction to give normal vision. Easy starter is: do you wear specs / contacts now? If not, then unless you have to squint to see clearly, then things are usually ok.
The actual standards would waste too much type here, but the rule above is a baseline.
When you get your eyetest form from the AFCO, the standards are on the back. Have the test, see what the optician records, then you will know where you are. Seaman Spec is, if my grey cells haven't died, noted as a VA2 requirement, but check this as standards change.

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