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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ryanp16, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Right, just wondering how much of an issue this would be.

    I have "congenital fourth nerve palsy". Long story short, when I look to the upper left I see double.
    Eyesight is 20/20 in both eyes, and biocular vision is fine.

    I'm assuming this would bar me from entry to the armed forces completely yes?

    If I had surgery to fix it and was 6 months clear should it all be okay then with regards to passing the medical?

    Also, if it matters, doctor's seem not to be able to see this. Was with my GP this morning and was asking about surgery for this and when I tried to show the deviation they couldn't notice it at all... The only thing that actually picks it up is the four point test thing and another one where you point a stick at dots with an eye closed...

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. You should have asked on here before asking the Army lot we are much more civilised! Plus there is at least one genuine doc who is very helpful. Hope you get the answer you need.
  3. I'm afraid your condition would normally preclude entry. This is because if you were given a rifle, things could get messy! They do say the most dangerous thing is a matelot with a rifle but in your case it may be even more true!

    Surgery is a more tricky question. This is not no-risk stuff - there would be a significant risk of either not correcting the defect or leaving persistent double vision. I never advise surgical procedures with a view to Service entry when the outcome is uncertain. You need a long chat with an ophthalmologist if you are considering this route, but be aware that entering the RN (or Army or RAF for that matter) is not guaranteed even with a good surgical result.

    Sorry if I have burst your bubble.

  4. Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah that's pretty much the reply I was expecting. I'll make an appointment with the ophthalmologist. Funnily enough when he diagnosed me with it he said there was no point doing anything about it because it would never stop me from doing anything. How wrong he was! :blob6:

    One more question: Since it's basically a squint, and having a squint fixed with surgery, and being six months passed surgery, if it was fixed there should be no problem, right?
  5. Read my post above! Nothing in life is certain, and it is not advisable to go through the risks of an op for a condition which (at your admission) is causing no problems when your aim is 100% resolution.
  6. This is not a right place to get solution of your problem you must take some proper advise from Doctor.

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    You are now Banned from this site.

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    Yep, Angrydoc speaks with a forked tongue, go see a navy doctor...........err..........epic fail.......
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