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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by carlm, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. gosh chain letters have stepped up a grade
  2. It's very moving - now why don't we have people in this country who do that for us? I know the americans are very sentimental but they do seem to appreciate their troops more!
  3. I agree with you there mate
  4. The picture of the young girls with the posters saying thank god for dead troops made me feel physically sick
  5. Vietnam all over again maybe?
  6. I hate all that sentimental bollocks. It's completely Un-British. I was at Sea World in California over Easter leave and felt really embarassed when the staff did this big tribute and asked all people in the Forces to stand up and be cheered by the crowd. Urghh!

    Who gives a fcuk what people think? All the British Armed Forces really need are the tools and resources to do the job, tasking that befits the manpower contraints we are under, and decent housing to come home to when we finish the job. Unfortunately we aren't getting any of this, and no amount of sentimental praise and thanks from Joe Public will change that.
  7. I'm of two minds. For once this is one of those American things that isn't completely gung-ho with some pounding thrash metal track and nor is it completely schmatlzy.

    I received a lot of this when I was 'away' from US friends and I just didn't get it. It is rather un-British after all, as off_les_aura says.

    But - as someone else said, we - or rather the serving members - are taken for granted, and there are some holes in the support. Who has baled out the ambulances, the prisons, the sodding firemen (who REALLY piss me off), been geared up to drive petrol tankers, and helped destroy and dispose of dead animals. Never mind the day job which must/always goes on.

    The girl with the posters is probably part of a very small Baptist church reported on here and in Wikipedia.
  8. But doesn't it come to something when in this country a Fireman who died in the line of duty gets a bigger responce from the public and the media than our returning troops either alive or dead from a war zone ?
  9. Yep .... :sad3:
  10. That's society today though
  11. This guy speaks sence, but i do think its nice somone has actully took the time to think about what troops are doing.
  12. I have to admit I would much rather know that there are people who are willing to make a stand for us in the military, and yes it is a bit over the top but the sentiment is there. As for it being un-British - what truly is British anymore?
  13. I think we all instinctively know what gives us a sense of pride and goose-bumps, and what makes us cringe away. I mean, contrast Colonel Tim's pre-Invasion pep talk with that of his US contemporaries...being British about this whole nasty business of war is all about humility in the face of adversity.

    I don't think we need to worry needlessly about support for Our Boys and Girls - just have a look at the BBC News website forums whenever the MoD make the latest fcuk-up on procurement, housing, ignoring recommendations from BAe or whatever to gauge public opinion. However, if you really want to thank me for a good job, buy me a beer down the pub when I get home. Keep the schmaltz.

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