Eye eye.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by stirling2, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. I have added a picture of my left eye to my sig box so that those that disagree with my postings, instead of wasting your precious time typing your reply can poke me in the eye with a sharp knife....ow..ow..OW..steady on there folks join the quew..oh you have..best form up in three's..that's one behind the other twice...
    alright then divisions fall in on right hand markers.

    ..but I could have added the picture as I suffer from bi-polar dis-order....

    ...depends on my mind(s) set :shock:

  2. Stirling

    Keep an eye out for me in York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Will do Nutty.....mind the chavs :wink:
  4. Also in York.
    I'll keep an eye open.

  5. Thanks Peter

  6. Havn't we got enough one eyes on the site :smile:
  7. Must admit I am looking a bit bloodshot :smile:
  8. And a little dilated! What are you on?
  9. The first post should give you a clue :wink:
  10. CODE BLUE !!
  11. Feeling a bit BLUE now , :roll:
  12. Black mood today mate....nice to see your avatar reappear :grin:
  13. Stirling - you really should consider investing in a good eye cream - will do wonders for your wrinkles! :wink:
  14. At my age ros I would need polyfilla :smile:
  15. mm perhaps Stirling, good skin is a bit of a lottery! I put mine down to
    1. drinking lots of water
    2. never getting my face in the sun
    3. never smoking
    4. no children!
    5. having a mum with nice skin

    But in the event that none of those are applicable to you, Clinique do a nice mens range! And the ladies at the counter all wear white coats!
  16. I was surrounded by people in white coats when sectioned....probably why I have so many wrinkles :shock:
  17. Do they wear Latex gloves as well "rosie" mmmmmmmm , my ex wife used to wear Clinique till she became an Oriflame Rep , :wink: :wink: :???:
  18. Thats better :grin:
  19. Rosy, Stirling did say he also suffered with bi-polar disorder so the ladies in the white coats might bring back some bad memories ;) Anyway, I'm 5/5 for your skin top-tips-so why has my faced broken out????? Grrrrrr! Maybe if you add stress, I'll understand :)
  20. Can't say Aussie, but I have been off chocolate for 25 days now and it has done wonders for my skin. Although a certain oral contraceptive called Yasmine is supposed to be excellent too!

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