Extremely upset :(!!!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kyle.L.19, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys

    I had me aptitude test today and i sat it for the Mine Clearance Diver!. I went in did the test, and got told i passed! that everyone in the room passed. I was over the moon and told everyone !

    3 hours later, i got a message from the AFCO, so i rang them back and they said we got bad news for you. i was like ok :S they said we got a mix up with your paper and yo didn't pass for your Mine Clearance Diver branch, but you can do WARFARE SPECILIAST!

    i am extremely peed off, right now, i have a decision to make, i either go for warfare or sit out another 6 months for a retest.

    What you guys think i should do :(? you think its worth having a re~test?

  2. You might end up seriously regretting joining up as something you don't want to be, but ultimately the choice is yours. What's more important to you, the branch or just getting in the Navy?
  3. I was recently offered to go in to the Navy as a Warfare Officer; Submarines, which meant I wouldn't have to go and do the AIB again, but it was not what I wanted to do, I couldn't see myself doing that job, so I turned it down and am waiting to get on the AIB again and give it another crack, for Warfare Officer; Surface.

    If you cannot see yourself being happy in that career, I would say wait to have another go for MCD, however, if Warfare Specialist appeals to you, and you would enjoy it, then go for it.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Bad news Kyle, not good & much sympathy.

    What happens is that the tests are manually marked then checked, it was probably during the checking process that a marking error came to light.

    The advice is re-sit in 6 months if they'll let you. Normally you have to wait 12 months, but it seems discretion is being applied so take advantage & get some extra tuition & revision in whilst you can- also you now have 6 months consolidated fitness preparation time, so you should breeze the PEDA if you start preparations NOW. Don't just jump for whatever is left available.

    Even if you had passed the Recruiting Test, it's roughly a ten month wait to join as a Diver anyway, so re-sitting the test is the most logical option.

    Not that it's any consolation, but life for everyone would be so much better if the recruiting test was conducted in the same way as the British Army Recruiting Battery (BARB) Test which is conducted entirely on computer & consequently substantially less labour intensive & 100% accurate.

    Good luck next time around- don't miss the opportunity.
  5. Thanks guys NS :)

    Yeah i went on phone with them again, and they said only options are a restest 6 months, or i choose warfare spec, submariner, seaman spec.

    They also said i was only 8 points off as well! thats like 2 marks off in each section. I think if i get into me books and carry on me fitness training, i should be ok.

    Thanks guys.
  6. Just think Kyle, you have seen what is in the test now so should piss it next time and the pleasure at coming top will make up for the disappointment now.
  7. Ninja stoker wrote "What happens is that the tests are manually marked then checked, it was probably during the checking process that a marking error came to light."

    And this is considered to be good practice. I think it is reprehensible that NRTA, could allow this sort of SHODDY behaviour.

    I smell a RAT.. there may to be a shortfall in the WARFARE recuitment figures, so they will try to augment the short fall. Of course I MAY WELL BE WRONG.

    It stinks Kyle.
    As Lingya wrote "What's more important to you, the branch or just getting in the Navy?" so it's over to you.
  8. Well i thought bout that and its a mixture of the two.

    I want a job thats challenging, out doors, hands on, takes practical tasks, being outdoors! and being part of a close net team. Also learning as you go along, where you have great number of skills and trade's for civvie street when you do decide to come out of it.

    Secondly i do want to join the Royal Navy. Simply because of Navy life that i really want to be apart of , like the saying ' work hard, play harder' and to see the world!

    There my views, and from the replies ive had, i think i might sit it out the six months and do the re-test, cause i think i really do want that role to be a diver. They said the Mine warfare specialist is open to me, but i wouldn't want to be watching the divers for 22 years, regretting that , that could of been me if i didnt just wait for 6 months.

    At the end of the day i dont think i got anything to loose apart from time lol!

    What you guys think ?

    P.S thanks notmecheif, lets hope so !
  9. I thought that but didn't want to say so.
  10. You could....... :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  11. I also smell a rat and the old 'bums in seats' or 'plug the gaps' scenarios spring to mind.

    They tried a similar thing with my daughter when she applied to join the RN as a Writer back in 1998, trying to get her to join as an OM. She came home and asked me my opinion. I told her to phone them back the next day and just mention that your father is an RS. Spookily they went off their original idea and said there was in fact spaces on the next Writers entry. ;-)
  12. 6 months preparation wont kill you. At least you would know that if you don't make it the second time you will have given it your all and then you can consider their other offers.

    As you said you wouldn't want to spend your 22 thinking "that could have been me if I had waited and tried harder".
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Gosh Pinch, you don't write for a red-top tabloid perchance? :dwarf:

    Divers are Warfare too. We're short of AET's, but resist the temptation to tell anyone the answers, honest.

    Much as it should never happen, it seems an honest, very unfortunate mistake. Perhaps computer based testing is the answer.
  14. [[/quote]

    Perhaps computer based testing is the answer.[/quote]

    No please don't - I used to work at a tri service phase 2 establishment and we really struggled with some of the army students who had little literacy skills - because the test is computerised the only time they really put pen to paper is to sign on the dotted line - when they then have to produce written work to complete their course you can tell the difference! I think that there are faults with every system and errors are made sometimes - in this situation it is obviously upsetting to the individual concerned but if Kyle1.9 really wants MCD the i would suggest waiting , doing some more studying on the areas he think were the weakest and go back in 6 months to do it again - branch transfers are never easy to complete.
  15. Well said Brigham, and it was the best thing you could have done for her. However, not everybody is that lucky.

    Kyle, it is refreshing to see such determination, stick to your guns and go for the retest in 6 months, you'll be better prepared and I'm sure that you will breeze through. I can understand your reluctance to just join in any old branch, and the fact that you have sought opinons shows a level of maturity that all of us serving wish our newbies had.

    Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll do fine.

    As for smelling a Rat, and you may accuse me of being Naive, but I believe that the AFCOs don't do this anymore as when ratings quote that they were told that they could only join in another branch when applying for early release, then this is thoroughly investigated. So, I think that this is no longer the case, despite it happening in the past.
  16. Thanks guys for your support !! really has helped!

    I just picked up the phone 2 mins ago and told them too book me in for another re-test!

    Im gunna have to dig in deep with some books now lol!
  17. Reading it all I too smell a rat. I started off life as a Tiffy but upon being given my 8th choice of career lost total intrest in being given a career I would
    hate for 12 years so deliberately failed my next stage exams . I changed over to Raleigh into my real career choice.
    If you want to be a diver push ahead with your dream dont be put off by this misselection of your potential.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There is absolutely no evidence of "Misselection" (if there's such a word). He failed to meet the minumum required score for entry when sitting the Recruiting Test.

    EVERYONE who fails the test for their chosen trade always asks: "What other jobs are available for the score I achieved?". The person has been told accordingly & resoundingly advised to hold out for his preferred first option as Diver.

    If you smelt a rat every time someone fails the Recruiting Test, your olfactories would be worn out in a week. :thumright:
  19. So by that wonderful reasoning that the Navys always right and does not make mistakes its a small step to say that a Diver needs more intelligence than a Warfare Specialist.
    Wonderful as divers are Ive not found them the greatest theorists in the stratosphere or in need of greater interlect than a specialist.
    In fact some would say its a great advantage to have the guy not having a vastly great imagination as to how deadly the mines and bombs hes working with really are.
    Or is Warfare Specialist a complete nonentity job with a job title with a much greater impact than what the job actually entails??
    You see I,d now be very very suspicious as to what a Warfare Specialist actually does if its way down the scale from Diver.
  20. I certainly agree that it takes more intelligence to be a Seaman than an RO. Served as a Communicator in the RNXS, then moved to Seamanship in the MVS. Seamanship IS MUCH harder!!! It involves maths, oh yes, and physical strength! :thumright:

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