Lantern Swinger
Hi all just got my confirmation date through the post along with a list of items I have to take to basic, question is, is there anything not on the list that people who have been would reconmend, someone said i should take some thing called a sylvet?? for cleaning boots!! I know it might sound like a daft question but any thing that can help and maybe save time will be useful, cheers.
Get out and buy yourself a second pair of boots, bull them up so they are mega shiny, then keep them hidden away (behind the air vents in the drying room is a good spot). This way you won't have to do loads of polishing all the time and you can keep your issue boots for day to day use and your best ones for kit musters / inspections etc. Don't get caught though or very bad things will happen to you.

Get a decent iron, it's worth spending the extra dosh on a full blown Morphy Richards Mega Steam 3000 jobby.

Take a wire coat hanger so you can make a clip for the button in the shower. (You will understand when you get there)

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