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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hawkeye, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. "Former British ambassador to Iran Sir Richard Dalton said Iran's reputation had been harmed by the episode.

    "I think Iran's reputation has deteriorated where it counts, in many capitals, including the capitals of countries which are close to it who have joined in the effort to get these captives released," he said.

    "The action which the Iranian government has taken gives them a blaze of favourable publicity which is going to be short-lived, and it's not going to alter the difficulty of addressing these major issues, like the nuclear question, and is not going to give Iran any leverage in them.""

    I think Sir Richard Dalton is off his rocker Britains reputation has been the only one damaged by this episode/farce.

    The Irainians have made us look like complete fuckwits
  2. Now why do you say that they have let them go not because we have acceded to their demands, we have not admitted anything. It looks more like they realised they had no option and let them go trying to make it look like a gesture of goodwill.
  3. Maxi I don't recall the Iranians making any demands and they did have the option to put them on trial (thank heavens they did't) I feel It has showed the world how pathetic the British government has become under Bliar & co.
  4. I think as all of us, assumingly being part of the Military fold at one stage, can find it far too easy to say that Britain has shown weakness, yes I agree that our stance was not openly aggressive, but we should realise the level of maturity that our government has shown in not going out guns blazing etc... I think that it has just taken a few words to Iran saying look, we're not going to play your media frenzy game, you know we could shit u up so enjoy it while it lasts cos your days are numbered... I believe we have just as much political strength, if not more than before the incident.

    Once its all over and forgotten about and we the miliarty get over the fact that weve had our faces rubbed in the dirt a bit, it comes down to we did not lose our men.

    Im proud that its been sorted out, just because our government dont want to make a massive hoo har over it all in a military sense because we all know it what would have been the consequences. would love to know how it was but probably never will. Though a navy part timer, im glad diplomacy works.

    I accept that there will always be issues of military muscle flexing, and sometimes even if on the surface it may look like we've been had, in this instance id be pretty confident that the people behind closed doors will be quietly chuckling.
  5. After this incident, if i were ever in the situation, I would certainly feel a bit better knowing that my government are competent enough to sort the situation out. If we'd have attacked or bombed tehran, they wouldnt be alive anymore.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't think that our government (spit) has sorted anything out. Our people were released because the Iraqi had got all of the publicity they could out of the situation, they could therefore release them and make themselves look to reasonable people.
    The whole thing was stage mananged by the Iraqis from word one
  7. Id like to think Britain has the capability and maturity to shrug it off. To the world powers that matter, Iran is made itself into nothing more than a Red Top Tabloid Newspaper. Not worth reading for anything of substance. The UK has shown itself as a calm, unirrational, level headed diplomatic master.

    If Iran really really wanted to mess with us, theyd have put the boys on trial, executed them, and then we WOULD be in their waters, on their land and swarming all over Iran. In reality, I reckon they shat themselves. Hence their Media swarm to make themselves look good to their people.
  8. I think Iran have "played a blinder" and made us look a complete bunch of twats. Nobody fears us or even gives a shit anymore - that will remain the case until the government is prepared to fund the "diplomatic willy waving" it is so keen on pursuing, at the Armed Forces expense.
  9. I think that we have faired reasonably well, ultimately we have our guys and girl back in one piece which is the best and only result of any importance..!!

    Has Britain been damaged Yes and No..but what is our opinion as to the standing of the Royal Navy in all of this has the RN and its reputuation escaped undamaged..!!

    Personally I think the guys and girl have done themselves proud in impossible circumstances and obvious manipulation.!

    But...Playing devils advocate should it have happenend in the first place, have we been naive or well considered in our actions....so many questions to be answered..!!

    Would be interested in other opinions!
  10. Exactly. We're not at war with someone else, as you said the Navy has come off Ok, (better than the Royals will especially in their Mess lol but thats what orders are for), and our people are all ok.

    I definitly say though that we came out on top. Iran has only alienated itself more so from the world and the UN. cant really say that theyve damaged us compared with the effect theyve caused on themselves.
  11. OK what should they have done, that would have got the lads back in one piece and sooner?
  12. The usual suspects I see, any excuse to bash this government. Our people are back safely and we have not lost face. If anyone thinks we have maybe they would like to give their reasons why they think so? Where this situation is concerned HMG has done us all proud, especially the hostages. If anyone is at fault it is command that put our lads and lass in the situation where this hostage taking was able to take place.
  13. And our govewrnment does deserve any bashing that's available, don't you think?

    AS for the 15 good they are back, no I don't think Iran gained very much from it, and only stands to gain if we disolve into some self mortification now.

    As to who is to blame, I think we will have to wait for that, and I suspect our politicians will spin and supress the truth any way.
  14. Can't believe members of the British armed forces moaning about how we got 15 of our own back, if anything it's helped our political reputation which has been tarnished ver since T.W.A.T. kicked off i'm all for peaceful resolutions especially as our choppers would have been the first one's sent in AGAIN!
  15. 15 votes so far that our reputation has been damaged, come on then let us hear the reasons why?
  16. No comment on whether the government deserves a bashing I note.

    Why has our reputation not been damaged. Well we got the 15 back unharmed without any formal admission of guilt or any formal apology, and anny suggestion of a trial forgoten. All of a sudden Imadinnerjacket gets himself on telly gives the captors bravery medals (3rd class only) and then tells the world he has had a change of heart and is giving them back instead of sending us an easter egg. He suddenly changes from holding a gun at our head to telling us to be on our way. He held all the aces and chucked them, and this is the guy who allegedl;y organised the US Embassy job after the Shah got the boot. Is he going sofyt or something? Two days ago they were playing for the long game, and now. What has happened behing closed doors, some one told Mr Dinnerjacke to stop f*cking about, now who was that, I don't know but all of a sudden there was a very big change in attitude.
  17. What's annoying me about the rolling news, is that bloody (I think) Kay Burley on Sky News, she truely is awful, they know nothing about what they are talking about, not only that but they talk about some right rubbish. How many times do they need to go over the difference between uniforms, I understand that your average civvy may think that we may be like the Canadians, having a one type suits all, but to repeat it twice in the same description is a bit pointless!
  18. Blame HMG then not give a reason. :?

    There is enough hot air blowing about to fill the sails of the Victory. :)
  19. Still no answer then, just more questions.

    I was not blaming HMG, if you bothered to read all I said, but I would suggest that the present one needs kicking on a daily basis on principle till they do the honourable thing and resign.

    Over to you
  20. Maxi_77, Please correct me if I am wrong but I do not believe I stated that you were blaming HMG on the contrary I though we were in agreement over their performance regarding the hostages.

    It’s the answers from the dissenters I am looking forward to but there does seem to be a famine of replies but I suppose it is difficult to type with your neck wound in.

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