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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rossclark, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. I know this is something that is encouraged once you are in but what kind of qualifications do they mean? Like the ones you did at school or qualifications that go with your job? If any one has done this sort of thing also is it worthwhile? Thanks!
  2. Both in honesty. You will get qualifications throughout your career, specific to your job. But you can also do further education in GCSE's, A levels or even an open university degree in your sparetime. You should try to use your time in the RN to get better qualifications as it will help when you come to leave the RN, with future employment.


  3. As above, there are lots of people doing Open University courses, plus you get financial help to do all sorts of courses.

    The trouble is people can leave it too late, they think f*ck I'm going outside in a couple of years "better get my finger out"

    Take my advice get your qualifications as soon as possible, because you never know what's round the corner.
  4. What happens if you already have GCSE's, A level and university degree before joining the RN?
  5. Pretty much nothing unless you want to go for different disciplines, what's your degree in?
  6. I know a WO1 who did a TEFL course in the mob and went on to do p/t teaching.
  7. My degree is in Biology but I'm joining as a seaman specialist.
  8. What subject floats your boat. If it's branch related the mob will generally fund it IIRC
  9. OOOOOOH aren't we the smarty pants. I suspect that in your early years you will find plenty to keep that little mind active, but later on I am sure that there are plenty of things you could do, project management is important in all walks of life these days and there are various business admin type things too. Equally people do do courses that simply intrerest them, No 1 son is doing one on architecture in between building and planting oil rigs around the world.
  10. Nothing. Serves you right for being a smart arse!
  11. Surely that should be a SEMEN Specialist :wink:
  12. Damn sir, you beat me to it! :roll: Perhaps Joe will make a special study of the sexual ramifications of cramped messdecks for Seamen (in situ) for his MSc (Sailors) :lol:
  13. ive currently got a degree in electrical engineering and electronic engineering im going in as a weapon engineer on the submarines would these qualifacations assist in the statuatory training provided for this role on board???
  14. Yes
  15. I did GCSE's, O Levels, HNC (Aero Eng), 16th Edition Electrical, PAT Testing and numerous other all paid for by pusser.

    I have been out a year now and the Navy has just paid for a degree course.
  16. But.....

    You might find phase 2 to be a bit boring as you will be re-learning lots of things that you already know.
  17. That doesent bother me ive gone over so much again and again doing different courses it just makes it sink in a little deeper.

    While training would i be able to bring my own textbooks to study with as the cost a fortune and i find they were a lot better for info than anything any training organisation worked out of???
  18. You've already made a fatal error. You would like to use your own text books as you are assuming that the Navy's won't be up to standard. Do you think you are joining some second rate outfit or what?? It's the Royal Navy FFS.

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