Extra qualifications in Navy

Hiya, I've posted a few messages on here already. I have another now.

I just wanted to know about the route you go down if you want to do extra GCSE's while your in the Navy. Do you get the opportunity only when you've been in service for a certain time, or can you begin when you like? I'm going in as a Rating, but would love to have the opportunity to be an Officer if I can gain the special entry requirments one day.
There are plenty of opportunities to take examinations/courses outside of training. Most bases run courses in GCSE/A Level examinations throughout the year and you can also do some when away on a ship, if there is someone onboard able to run classes (Not sure of the rules but I think someone with an A level can run an O level class, etc).
Thats my other question actually which I forgot to ask in my interview on Thursday: I understand you go away for 6 months at a time on a ship. But after that 6 months is over, what then? Do you have small break and then go off for another 6 months?

I was originally going to apply as a MA, but I went for WS in the end. That was my second choice. I missed the maths bit of the test by a few questions I was told. And I didn't want to wait 6 months to re-sit.

Thanks for answering though, cheers!
the average deployment is now 7 months and when you get back you get some leave few weeks ship maintance then a few exercises and round again. Well thats at the moment touch wood
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