Extra funding for 'respect zones'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Is this the governments standard answer to the Chav problem?


    My solution more police on the streets and lock the bstds up in a service DQ style young offenders institute, This to be staffed by retired service personnel. Lets see how many come back for another 90 days.
  2. Slim, remember the "short sharp shock" tactic and the scheme were yobs could opt to do a para/sas staffed "bad lads army" camp as an alternative to jail? One of my ex neighbours did the course and came back better trained for a life of crime. He was as fit as a young gazelle and outran the local peelers every time.

    Put the yobs alone, in a bare room, and introduce them to the families of the people they have harmed I say.

  3. I agree with Slim - there are, apparently, under pc rules, few sanctions that can be applied to those immature enough to believe that if you live in a community then you don't have to abide by the rules of that community. Recent press statements indicate that ASBOs are regarded by those awarded them as a 'badge of honour' - coupled with the fact that parents (and teachers) can no longer slap their delinquent offspring without risking prosecution themselves, it's no wonder that we have a generation who believe that they can (and do) act with impunity. Bring back Borstal and the birch!
  4. I should have thought making them sew their names neatly (or else re-do) in red chain stitch into every item of clothing they possess and some extra items issued to them should do the trick! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Then again that might be classified as torture under the Human Rights Act! :roll:
  5. **** it! Let's just torture the little bastards properly. :twisted:
  6. The old borstal system seemed to get better results than this PC system of their own room complete with colour TV and PlayStation etc. All the comforts of home, and then some. I agree with Fido, especially the birch for those involved in any form of violence.
  7. I went to a job on xmas day at around 20:00 hrs where an old dear of 83 was thrown out of a car (engine running) by some little **** whilst she was waiting for her grandson to come back from getting something from his house, nicking the car. I could see the absolute disgust on the police officers faces (and mine obviously) but as yet i'm unsure whether the caught him. As i've pointed out before human nature in this country is more interested in what they can take for nothing than go out and earn. My xmas day was taken up dealing with drunken knobbers who had collapsed in the road and need some TLC from said ambulance crews!! A&E was packed and to cop it all one of the nursing sisters was close to being assaulted by a nutter who wanted her medical notes because "I've got my ******* rights to see my notes and you cant stop me" she then starteed on my colleague and that was about enough for nutty_bag!! Banzai!! my point is take responsibility for your actions or a suitable punishment should be administered.

  8. What a terrible attitude you have to these people. Do you realise the amount of psychological damage that you may cause them? Not only are they dazed, confused and pissed but you suggest that the traumas of self-discipline and personal responsibility are also inflicted on them. Where is your Christmas spirit?

    Tsk Tsk................next thing you will be suggesting 9mm pain-killers available in every ambulance.......................come to think of it; not such a bad idea.

  9. Bergan

    Reading your signature surely if the said civilians then vandalise and violate other civilians shouls not the same rough men administer violence on them? Bring back the birch does seem a very good slogan (and with it Borstals, discipline and DQ style jails - the sooner the better and get rid of this namby pamby stuff)

    And why did you call yourself after a rucksack - nice things come out of a rucksack (especially at 02double0) not nasty ruff men!
  10. safewalrus
    Bergen is an oppo and he was being what is know in then there parts as a bit er sarcastic!!
  11. Sorry Safewalrus

    I was just winding Nutty Bag up a little. My opinion on these degenerates is slightly to starboard of Ghengis Khan. Nutty Bag knows this and from some PM's that we were exchanging earlier today I can safely say that I don't know how he puts up with some of the low-lifes that he deals with.

    ...and you are perfectly correct....really nice things come out of bergen's bergen....lol


  12. Why no use the money to fling up a nice big solid wall around these areas and let them fester in there till they all die out from natural causes???
  13. Only problem with that Andy is that unfortunately many decent hard working members of the public live amongst these rsoles. Perhaps the money would be better spent rehousing the good guys then shipping all the scum into one area. The wall could then be built (if you can stop the thieving bstds stealing the bricks, selling the cement mixers and using the dumper trucks for transport.
  14. Bergan, Nutty

    No need to appoligise I was agreeing with you, what Nutty does for a living now is nothing to what he thinks - we all have a cross to bear (mine's bigger 'n most - being only an ex milkchurn lid wearer) Yes Nutty I to was being scartastic or wotever it's called - always am whenever possible! 'tis my reason for life (more or less)
  15. I am sure theres still some East Germans about that could help,they flung the Wall up virtually overnight!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Some posts deleted. This thread isn't about cruel and unusual extermination methods for ridding the country of chavs, however much we'd love to.

    Current Affairs, keep it serious. Solving the problem without the use of JCBs and industrial quantities of lime please.
  17. Okay here goes.Toned down post.

    Some of these yob/chav families should be sent to live next door to Tony Blair and his pc cronies. Something that makes a differance might actully be done then. Won't hold my breath though. :? :?: :cry:

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