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The wonderful world of other countries newspapers.

Trinidad Express Newspaper

They like murdering people in Trinidad, thats for fu**ing sure.

Gardener was chopped to death | Trinidad Express Newspaper | News

More human interest than the *Plymouth Evening Herald*
(Sorry about the six-packed Trinidadian(?) blokes - I was
perusing the dusky flange).

TRIBE - The Way of the Warrior | Trinidad Express Newspaper | Photos

Funky Nassau and The Bahamas. Big things with teeth.

The Tribune

Lots of replies (in support of the shark mostly).....and the usual
cannabis-infused locals, who I find difficult to understand. Just a
couple of *Readers Comments* :-

Posted By: INDIRA On: 9/7/2010
Title: WTH
i aint ka lie whut da hell doin dat far in the water,u aint watch shark week ey ,

Posted By: mikey dread On: 9/9/2010
Title: rasta from creation
Well mudda sick,da damn shark said," dat could eat"

* * * * * *

Oh, the fun I'm having. Nighty-night.
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