Extra Chinooks in the Stan 2OI3 havent we gone by then???

Mr Ainsworth said the first 10 Chinooks would be completed in 2013, and the procurement would increase the UK's fleet of the heavy-lift helicopters from 48 to 70.

The first 10 new Chinooks will be completed in 2013, as part of a new Future Helicopter Strategy which will deliver a 40% increase in the number of lift helicopters available for use on operations in extreme conditions, such as those in Afghanistan.

The RAF will fly the new Chinook alongside Merlin helicopters which arrived in Afghanistan last month.
Perhaps the ones we have now will be out of extended fatigue life by then. That doesn't completely latch into the "needed now" argument, though. One of the compensating "savings"will certainly remove fixed wing flying from the Fleet
This announcement is about 6 years too late, and no, it is not better late than never. How much of our Primary Capability is about to be sacrificed to bring Support Helicopters into service in 4 years time when they are needed NOW?!!!
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