Extending bloody dog leads!


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Is anyone else getting this ad come up on this thread;


**** the extending dog leads, pet jammies are clearly the new evil.


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Train the dog properly then you won't need a lead

Janner, you clearly know feck all about dog breeds and their individual breed characteristics

almost as bone as suggesting that cats owners should train their cats to only shite in their own gardens. Yes it is a good idea but no bonehead would seriously suggest it as a viable solution.


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I've owned dogs for many years, all working dogs, all obedient on and off the lead, and as such are a pleasure to own and hopefully are a credit to me and the time I've put into training them to a high standard. It just galls me to see idiots with no control over their dogs, which were probably bought as a fashion accessory rather than a pet.


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In the spectator area were a couple of women one of which had one of those poxy little schitz tsu dogs on a fully extended lead. It's owner was paying no attention to the animal, and while she nattered away to her mate, said ******* hound is having a dump on the track! When it was pointed out to her she was totally unrepentant, refused to clean up the mess from the track or shut her dog in her car and was told to leave the meeting which she thought was unreasonable! The fact that someone else had to clean up the mess before some unsuspecting rider or spectator got covered in dogshit did not seem to concern the stupid cow.

Clearing dog shit the easy way, with the skills of some of the riders it should get the intended target.

I took the dog out today with an extending lead. It was a busy place, we managed to cut off people at the knees, knock over picnics, I let her loose (because there's no point in having a fashion accessory without showing it off) and generally had a merry day. It was ace.
I love walking the wifes dog on the extended lead, laugh like fcuk when he wraps himself round lamposts till he's choking himself, letting him run in front of cars cos he's fcuking thick. Watch him run towards another dog till the end of the lead nearly pulls his fcuking head off.

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