Extending bloody dog leads!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by taffscrivs, May 5, 2013.

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  1. What pillock invented the extending dog lead? They, and the cretins that use them, must be amongst the most annoying things known to mankind. What use are they? The fucking dog never walks any further than if it was on a standard, ie short lead under proper control, but just becomes an uncontrolled bloody nuisance to every other member of the public it encounters! A prime example was about 2 years ago, my son was riding at a classic scramble near Chester. In the spectator area were a couple of women one of which had one of those poxy little schitz tsu dogs on a fully extended lead. It's owner was paying no attention to the animal, and while she nattered away to her mate, said fucking hound is having a dump on the track! When it was pointed out to her she was totally unrepentant, refused to clean up the mess from the track or shut her dog in her car and was told to leave the meeting which she thought was unreasonable! The fact that someone else had to clean up the mess before some unsuspecting rider or spectator got covered in dogshit did not seem to concern the stupid cow. Apparently a new law is being introduced requiring all dogs to be registered to their owners, an adage to this law should be that all owners teach their dogs to walk to heel, not pulling like hell 20 yards in front, tripping up innocent pedestrians as they go. These bloody things should be banned ASAP, and the irresponsible retards who think they are ok to use should be banned from keeping any animal, never mind a dog!
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I agree.

    I keep my bitches on a short lead. They fucking love it.
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  3. As usual it is neither the dog or the leads fault but another irresponsible owner who really wants an image and not responsibility!!!!
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  4. Someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning. :dog:But agree with your point.
  5. They still whine though :p

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  6. Tell me where you'll live; I'll bring my exuberant hound around on our extending lead, it'll be great fun.
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  7. And I'll bring both my exuberant hounds on their extending leads too! Oh, I'll bring the bitch as well!
  8. Obviously a dog lover complete with extended lead.
    Why take the dog to a trials meeting anyway, leave the mut at home.
    Kids should be completely under control, if they cannot be controlled then don't take them to dangerous places such as motor sports venues.
    Why do so many dog owners insist on taking their animals with them, car boot sales are a prime example, the bstrds get under everyones feet, get trodden on and people fall over them, whats more I've never seen one dog buy anything. Perhaps they should be charged an entry fee to get in, that may stop their idiot owners taking them:angel8:
  9. Reminds me of the time I was cycling home through Central Park in Guz one friday afternoon. For once, pedestrians on their bit of the path leaving the cycle section free. Spotted the dog running around on the grass - no problem ... Then spotted the extending lead joining the 2 across the cycle path. Snotty heap ensued. Luckily the dog was OK (as mentioned above not its fault).
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Been there, done that (but on the Gosport to Fareham cycle track).

    There are rarely bad animals, but more often than not, there are bad owners. As a dog lover - careful, now..! - I am not a great fan of the extendable leads. I appreciate that they are okay for the smaller lap dogs that OAPs seems to love, but often people use them for animals that are too large/strong for the mechanism inside the handle.

    Good lead technique is more important, but it tends to be the case that dog owners do not want to invest the time and patience to train their pets correctly - especially at this time of year, when you see people walking their dogs only because the weather is nice (although you rarely see them for the other ten months of the year, hence far too many fat dogs (not to mention their owners!)) :oops:
  11. When my collie was a pup we were training it to come back when called (we were succesful in the end) so thought that an extending lead would be a good start to the training. Could let him run about for a bit and if he didn't come back when called, he was still under control.

    Took him out in the car, opened the rear door to get him out (it was an estate car so not the boot before anyone starts) and he'd eaten the fucker.

    Got a chain lead after that.
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  12. Current pooch is a Siberian husky/GSD cross, due to extreme old age (15) she does not get to walk very far these days, but when younger we walked her on an extender (Large heavy Duty one SPB, you can get them you know, expensive but worth it). Back to the dog, she is one of the best natured dogs i have ever owned, not the brightest though, but there was no way on gods green earth we could let her off the lead in any open area, 1. she would run for hours 2. She wanted to eat things, cows horses sheep etc Other dogs she was fine with, people love her and she loves people, but anything else was food! All previous dogs were GSDs, last two were walked on extenders (again the Heavy Duty ones) My mutts were well trained, and the reason for keeping them on leads was other peoples mutts, and on more than a couple of occasions just other people, although they were not aggresive, they would react to aggression against them or in one very fine instance precieved agression against my mother - a Jet Black GSD bitch we had came down into the bar at closing time as she did most days, except this day she went to the end of the bar and just sat growling at a customer (mum had never seen him before), my mother was shocked and dragged the pooch behind the bar, appologised to the customer and offered him a free drink, he declined and left the pub, but as he was leaving said to my mum, bloody good dog you have their it knows what people are thinking. But I digress, never had a problem with extenders, as i always knew where the dog was, and if the lead posed a potential threat to anyone else around us, the dog was brought to heel
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Train the dog properly then you won't need a lead
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is anyone else getting this ad come up on this thread;


    Fuck the extending dog leads, pet jammies are clearly the new evil.
  15. Janner, you clearly know feck all about dog breeds and their individual breed characteristics

    almost as bone as suggesting that cats owners should train their cats to only shite in their own gardens. Yes it is a good idea but no bonehead would seriously suggest it as a viable solution.
  16. I've owned dogs for many years, all working dogs, all obedient on and off the lead, and as such are a pleasure to own and hopefully are a credit to me and the time I've put into training them to a high standard. It just galls me to see idiots with no control over their dogs, which were probably bought as a fashion accessory rather than a pet.
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  18. Clearing dog shit the easy way, with the skills of some of the riders it should get the intended target.

  19. Woodhouse.jpg We need Barbara back.Remember her?

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