Extendable baton?!


HAhahaha nah I’m not just getting on my nerves how it’s probably a obvious reason but I can’t think of it


War Hero
So, just to get this straight. You can see why a Hancock dvd is useful but not a extending baton!
Mmmmmm, maybe to place inside the anti flash and raise over the parapet to see where Mr bad guy is?
Or even to use as a spare when you lose the handle to your jack!!
Perhaps slipping it down your trousers to impress the girlies.
Or could it be for something else?


War Hero
That's a telescope for when you are on lookout, and you scan to horizon and say either, I see no ships or ship A Hoy in your best pirate accent:)
i was looking at the RN website and came across a picture of a warfare specialists kit. I get the use for everything but an extendable baton? There must be a use for it but I can’t think of one. Any ideas?


Must be a mistake - These are usually only issued to RN Cooks and their primary function is:

for stirring the soup/custard, poking the Galley fire and making the holes in the doughnuts.