'Extend flexible working to all'


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Sorry shag, forgot that your a Wafoo (like I woz). It ionly applies to the general service bods. Wafoos can choose to work for any 3 hours in 24, if they feel like it
oh yes now i remember hearing the chief stoker talking about dogs in the mess - it all becomes clear. now all i need is someone to explain what PARTIAL CAG means and maybe he would p*ss off with the fire exercises next to my cabin


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rosinacarley said:
Is that not flexible working?

That's different though. That's for us not them.

FWIW a damned good idea in the right context, but it needs enough resource to make it work.

In general in the front line the existing caveats can reasonably apply, the employer can refuse the request as long as it can be demonstrated that it's been considered. Given the effort that goes in to modelling the ships company requirement then I think it can be demonstrated that flexible working has been considered....

Won't stop a fair few trying it on though, always entertaining as a DO to have someone come along with an insane request form.
I thought we already did flexible working?

Extending a deployment from 4 months to 6 months while half way through is pretty flexible.

Getting a pierhead jump to the other end of the country or 2 days notice of being sent on Op Fresco is also flexible working.

Or have I missed something?