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Express: "Yacht Couple Demand Navy Warship Escort"


War Hero
I love it when people think they are more important than they actually are. Do you know who I am? Nope. If they want protection then I am sure they could hire some protection from those private military companies but of course they would have to pay.

P.S. I am sailing from dover to Calais in the summer I demand to be protected by HMS Ocean from the french navy whilst crossing the channel.


If they are so keen on sailing and want to avoid the danger, then sail the other way around, think of all the wonderfull things to see in the Pacific.


War Hero
No right to anything .Let the pompous b$stards sail though the pirated waters and get caught .They know the consequencies Cnunts


War Hero
Super Moderator
But if you foolishly floated out to sea --would you repay the military SAR aircraft and crew who came out ,at great expense, to recue you?
I think not.

But if I foolishly sailed into waters I'd been strongly advised not to sail in then I would have to accept the consequences of my actions.
If you jumped off a cliff onto rocks and risked breaking your leg despite warnings not to, would you expect the council to prepare for your fall by putting a large airbag in place in readiness for your stupidity.....thought not.

There's a major difference between needing rescuing through no fault of your own and deliberately putting yourself in harms way despite warnings and demanding protection.


War Hero
Bugs me why this Dutch couple don't/didn't request this of their government.

Or were they told to 'fcuk off' by them first!!!!!


War Hero
Bet they will carry on regardless, and we will end up seeing them on the 6 o'clock news shouting ''told you not to go''. People will never learn.
Insanity indeedy. Especially when you have a 2 year old child on board.

Fly home and have a ferrying company sail the boat home for you
'A journey we have to make'
Oh yeah, and by whose say so do you 'have to make' it.
Had this years ago, up their arses yachties always wanting right of way and thought the RN some kind of taxi service.
Sod the lot of them.


War Hero
SoS Defence has said today:

"I have seen the warnings and advice given by military commanders to the organisers of these yacht rallies which clearly asks participants to avoid any unnecessary sailing in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. The hard work of the Royal Navy alongside our allies is having a positive effect in suppressing piracy but they must focus their resources on protecting essential shipping activity. I strongly urge the yachtsmen in these rallies to reconsider their proposed route to avoid placing themselves in danger of attacks from pirates."
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