Express: "Sail From HMS Victory That Flew At Battle Of Trafalgar Is Tipped To Sell For £3,000"


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"A tiny segment of the sail from HMS Victory that flew at the Battle of Trafalgar is tipped to sell for £3,000. The 7in x 12in segment is from the fore topsail of Admiral Lord Nelson's famous flagship.

Although the vast majority of the sail now resides in the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, Hampshire, this small section is thought to have been cut away by an enterprising chancer shortly after Victory returned to Britain.

It, along with several other patches of the topsail, would have been sold as a souvenir to commemorate one of Britain's greatest naval victories, but very few of them are thought to survive today.

Little is known about what happened to the patch of material after it was cut away but 40 years ago it was acquired by its current owner who swapped a piece of £50 furniture for it.

Now four decades on, he has decided the time is right to part with his unique piece of history and has consigned it to sale with Cheffins Auctions, Cambs.

It is being sold alongside a letter from the National Maritime Museum which dates to the 1980s and confirms the sail to be authentic and legitimate."

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