Express: "Royal Navy Is Now 'Too Small' To Protect Britain"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. All that's missing from that is the "this is a recording" announcement. Still, if Adml Mark's happy with it, all must be well in the real world.

    Funny how we still make no numeric allowance for ships in upkeep.
  2. Because the ships in upkeep will be replaced by the next ship. Anyway when the capital ship is now a Taxi for Royal, well we can all stop kidding ourselves that we have an effective fleet anymore. The only thing that is keeping his nation some kind of player on the world stage is the 4 black tubes up in Faslane.
  3. An MOD spokesman..................yadda/yadda/waffle/fary/burp/noneedtopanic/allswellthatendswell/ifisayitoftenenoughsomeonemigthbeleiveme/etc/etc/etc

    what a load of old b*llocks

    we would be better off putting David Icke in charge of MOD PR
  4. So I take it you don't believe them then Riggers :)
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  5. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    There seems to be vanishing act going on. The Treasury states that the Defence budget is as big as ever, we have a diminishing fleet and the likelyhood of only being able to defend 'home waters', so...
    Where has all the money gone?
  6. Well India does need those cities and aid from the defence budget is planned and..........pick a number....
    And keeping an army fighting abroad for years can't be doing anything to swell the reserves.
    Then there's my pension so in all................
  7. i have it on good authority that we are getting ripped off bigtime buy the companies that are making our equipment. for example - the QE carrier 'cats and traps/VSTOL' debacle being a fine example of how a privatised company will not act in the best interest of the customer but just the shareholder.

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