Express: "Navy Sub's Radiation Leak Scare"

It only appears to be a 'scare' because of the media's sensationalist perspective. However, the ramifications for our defence capability are far more serious.
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It would seem our journo friends don't realise what a "radiation leak" as opposed to a coolant leak actually means. As Notafourknot says, I'm sure John "I know nuzzink but pay me anyway" Large will put the world to rights.
I was in Gibraltar when she was there, and I don't remember running a gauntlet of protesters everyday. if anything we had more trouble running the gauntlet of breeding shitehawks to get to the Trafalgar Bar.


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Largey's office phone will be on fire by now courtesy of pinko lefties after a nice apocalyptic quote. Still, his website is getting pleasingly wacky and eccentric with the passing of time.

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