Express: "HMS Daring Ruler Of The Waves"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, May 30, 2010.

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  1. The Falklands were our blackest days? Eh?

    Good publicity mind you
  2. The article refers to the Navy's 'blackest days of the Falklands War' and I'm sure you'll agree there were a few of them.

    Anyway, not a bad Command for an MCD officer.
  3. There was something slightly disturbing about the graphic. Seagulls were drawn hovering around the junior rates' accommodation and dolphins were swimming quite near to the sonar...
  4. An article full of hyperbole and falsehoods. This ships missiles don't actually work and it has nothing but a 4.5 gun to threaten other vessels with.
  5. Always with the positive waves, eh Normung ?

  6. It is simply the truth. The 'Ruler of the Waves' is nothing of the sort. It is a very large and very expensive destroyer that is woefully underarmed.
  7. :roll: :roll: im with you on that one LT/CDR Grantham :wink:
  8. Normong, you are Lewis Page and I claim my £5

    Stand by for another 10 pages of is the T45 is a good warship or not. 3, 2, 1....GO
  9. " [many Able Seamen have degrees] " - crikey and I had to pull the odd string to get in by having 7 O-levels as it was thought I was over qualified. It was soon discovered that I was\am a duffer so it all worked out eventually :)

  10. Would you care to compare the 'impressive' weapons fit of 'The Ruler of the Waves' with comparable vessels such as the US Navy's Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers of the Spanish Armadas Ãlvaro de Bazán Class Frigates?
  11. Excellent challenge for a Y(Thrusting)O.

    Go for it, Dai, and do the Journo's work for him!
  12. A good programme very interesting .nice ships too!.But as alway some Bullshit crept in.Can someone tell me (as a mann
    who used to fire the gun line)how long has a wrship been allowed to fire a gun lin at a tanker ??
  13. WBD...I think you hit the nail on the does sound a heck of a lot like a certain Mr Page.....perhaps he accepted the challenge to post on RR that was left as a comment on one of his articles :wink:

    I still think we could do with a few more than 6....6 ships...6 places...if one or more are not in refit that is. Perhaps our new coalition government could look at that? (Yes and pigs might fly)
  14. There was originaly going to be twelve wernt there ?
  15. Perhaps the present "Normong_Gruntham" works for a rival dockyard who want to sell their warships to the world as opposed to T45s from BAE\whatevertheyarecalledthismonth
  16. Right. Spanish first shall we? Power plant - CODAG propulsion (old news) significantly slower and 2000nm less range, AGEIS combat system... granted a new one, but still one that doesn't compare to SAMPSON at the high end, which i'm sure you'll agree is nice. Ok, its got a bigger gun but the 45's are getting those soon anyway... doesn't have a CIWS, which is interesting because it needs one, as it only has SM-2's which i'll agree are bigger, but cannot (unlike Aster15) tackle the newest versions of Chinese ASM/SSM's that come in very fast and very low and manoeuvring very hard. I'll give you the fact we don't have Harpoon on T45 yet but thats not such a terrible loss because modern naval theory suggests that a high velocity missile with good fire-starting tendencies and fragmentation is more effective against ships anyway, as is the fact you can't really use Harpoon at its fullest extent of its range anyway as there's too great a chance the damn thing will go haring off after acquiring the wrong hull, and sink a merchantman. AND this spanish ship doesn't carry Marines, or at least isn't designed to like the T45. Plus she has a bigger flight deck.


    The Areleigh Burke is a slightly more powerful ship i'll admit, but not really massively different - it has more engines, which is a nice redundancy, but would run out of fuel around 2600nm before a T45. They need a bigger crew (not good for the RN), and because its an SM2/ESSM + AGEIS fit, again it will struggle against the same SSM/ASM's that the Spanish ship would struggle against - which the T45 CAN knock down. Plus the T45's LRR is more powerful. I will admit it has more missiles, and the SM3's anti ballistic missile ability is something we lack (until Aster45 comes along) but they (The ships, not the missiles.... well, both, really) have been around for ages and have grown, whereas the T45 is a new build with loads of life and through life room to grow.

    In short, the T45 is exactly what i'd choose anyway. And you ARE Lewis Page, now go away nobody here likes you.
  17. But who could he work for? The clever name he's given himself is absolutely no clue at all.
  18. Plus it's recently been revealed that the reason the Sea Viper failed was a bad batch of missiles, nothing to do with the T45 and it's systems. So wrong again.
  19. Alas, the ASTER missile is tiny compared to the SM-2, the terminal 'dart' of the ASTER 30 only weighs 220lbs with a 15lb warhead, vs the SM-2 which weighs some 1,400 lbs and has a 137lb warhead, so ASTER effectively has no anti surface capability.

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